1998 Jeep Cherokee Limited 4.0 from North America


More dependable than my best friend


My driver's side door push lock quit working for some odd reason. I can't figure out why. It will lock when I use the remote, which is what I use all the time anyway. No big deal. I think there's a cut wire somewhere.

Theres very little room in the back seat, which is unfortunate with my kids, and there are no headrests on the backseat, either, which is unnerving for me thinking of whiplash. I have to keep them in high back booster seats just in case I get rearended someday. Call me paranoid.

Serpentine belt was a pain to replace. Literally. Oh, and when I start the car with the air conditioner on and hit the gas, I get a godawful screeching coming from under the hood. Someone said something about a bearing? It doesn't happen if I let the it run for a few seconds before blasting the a/c.

General Comments:

I love this Jeep, and it loves me.

It does very well on and off the road. I've taken it deep into very bad mountain roads with no problems, and drive it 50 miles a day in town as well. Nothing is ever needed for this Jeep beyond oil changes and regular maintenance!

Gas mileage is okay, I'm averaging 16 mpg during my commute, about 21 mpg on the highway.

A bumpy ride, but you expect that with a classic Jeep. The automatic driver's seat is luxury enough for me..

I love Jeeps, and am devastated that the classic is no longer made. I love mine, and will never, ever get rid of it. Sometimes I wish it had just a little more power, but since I mostly drive it in town, it's not a problem.

I'm sorry to say I have a deep emotional attachment to this vehicle. It is the most dependable car I've ever had.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2006

12th Aug 2007, 14:54

I feel the same way about my Jeep, my husband wants to buy me a new Commander so he can have my Classic. I won't go for it, I have a goal and that is to roll the 300,000 mark! I am 187,000 miles now, so I am over half way there. As soon as something goes wrong my husband fixes it, he claims it is the easiest vehicle to work on, compared to anything he has ever own. The original paint job still looks brand new and the engine and tranny are clean. I am going to need a muffler before winter, but the Jeep is a 1998 and its the original. Not bad for living in Rochester NY where we have 5 months of winter a year!

27th Aug 2010, 22:56

I have had a 1998 Cherokee Sport 4.0L since new. Wow, quite a car. It's 12 years old and has no rust underneath, the engine runs like new, only the rear washer has broken. The 4.0 I6 engine is perfect for this vehicle. I'd buy another one tomorrow - but the current Cherokee is a sad imitation of the old XJ. Shame on Chrysler, they should still make them.

1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4 litre from North America


Simple, rugged and functional


The Jeep was into the dealer for repairs a lot more than my Camry. Some little things that are costly to fix failed-rear wiper motor, heater switch. Some major stuff to the front differential was done under extended warranty.

The engine and transmission were fine, and no oil burning ever occurred through wear.

The power steering pump failed.

Other than that it was fine and the engine was a pleasure of raw power.

I traded it because with 218,000 km on it I didn't want to push my luck.

General Comments:

The simplicity and utility of the car is wonderful. The bean counters' impact was evident however-cheap electrics failed too soon.

Toyota should build it.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2006