3rd Jun 2006, 12:26

I have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee Classic also. It is a very fine truck. Seems a lot of people want them to be cars. All I have changed is the belt tension pulley and battery. It just turned 75000. Put a set of Bridgestone Revos and it handles much better than the Mich. Cross Country tires. I replaced the factory radio (needed a CD player) and will replace the speakers in the next few weeks.

Had foreign vehicles, they all have problems, but this thing is a tank. I have pulled more RAV4's and Japanese PU's out of the sand with my simple 2WD (with towing package which includes posi-trak) then I care to think about. People think those are better, many are on car frames and have no ground clearance.

Specially like the AWD's which don't seem to work well when you are stuck. I think I will start taking pictures of them being stuck in simple sand. Pulled out one this am. stuck in simple loose sand about 5 inches thick. Had street tires from the factory. Even the factory thinks these things should stay on concrete or asphalt.

If you want a car, buy a car, what a truck, buy a truck. Jeep Cherokees (not Grand) ride harder, but work pretty well as a truck. Drive it like one and maintain it like one and you will have only normal vehicle problems. Most I have seen that have a lot of problems are not well maintained, not washed and waxed, and driven back and forth to grocery store like a family mini-van. These are not mini-vans.

24th Jun 2006, 21:42

I bought an 01 Jeep Cherokee (Sport) from a local police station. I put a bid on it and got it. It had 244,000km on it, so far no major problems just rust, rust and more rust. Like the water gutters and in the two front corners of the roof.

I have added 4 tires, new trans line, rear shoes, front rotors and pads.

So far this jeep has been pretty good to me. I presently have 258,900km.

Any tips for the rust? I would like to hear anyones opinion.

Thank you.

9th Dec 2006, 11:48

I have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee Limited 4x4. It has 75K miles and runs great. The check engine light just went on and I need to have that checked at the Jeep dealer. The only problem its had is a fuel sensor or something like that gave out at 60K miles and cost me $750, other than that, still running strong.

16th Jan 2007, 13:14

I also have a 2001 XJ. It is a wonderful vehicle. Highly dependable, easily fixed, most parts are accessible i.e. pretty good engineering laying the thing out. And it's a blast off road.

9th May 2007, 23:01

I recently bought an 01 Cherokee with about 83,000 miles on it. In the course of buying the one I got, I drove a lot of 00's and 01's; only Cherokee's. Most had 70 to 80k miles on them. Just about every one had speaker issues with the front speakers only. In most cases, the wires had disconnected from the speaker.

My son drives it and has since had an Alpine radio and speakers installed, including all new wires and labor for about $500.00. The speaker problems are now gone of course.

Must be a Jeep thing.

16th Jun 2007, 14:46

I own a 2001 Cherokee Sport edition 4x4 with 72000 miles on it. I bought it used with about 30000 miles on it at that time. I have/have had two problems with it.

The first was the check engine light came on at about 65000 miles, and read misfire on cylinders 1 and 6, and a total misfire. My mechanic (who is an ASE certified master tech.) informed me that I should not have put hotter burning plugs in my jeep. I have replaced my plugs back to stock (copper core/champion, not a platinum). Since then, I have not had any more problems other than with cold start (which was caused by the hotter plugs).

The second problem is with my A/C. I have purchased a recharge system from Wal-mart and cannot get it to charge my system. I have been told by Jeep experts that the later A/C units are very weak and go out easily. Other than these two problems, it's grrreat.

As for the complaints, the 3rd June and 12th June 2007 statements, you are talking my language. Everyone must understand that you have purchased a vehicle made from another manufacturer like GM, FORD, & CHRYSLER. Your Jeep is not made like the "real thing". If you complain about its problems, then you must complain about their American builder and your own lack of knowledge of this vehicle. (Do you know which company built your jeep?). The older the model of any vehicle, the more original and stronger the vehicle will be.

And as for you anti-Toyota people out there, the original Toyota was the strongest, most durable, and most fuel efficient vehicle out there. I love them both.

10th Jul 2007, 08:56

My wife and I have two Jeep XJ's. A 2000 Classic and an 1984 Pioneer.

The 2000 has had the same speaker problems as most, although I have not gone in and looked for the loose wires. Guess I don't listen to the stereo that much.

We have 107K miles on it, and other than the speakers, we have had no other problems.

I use the 4wheel drive quite a bit. I also tow my trailer loaded with all kinds of things, and it does very well. Some would say I am hauling too much weight at times not to have brakes on the trailer, but I have done well with it so far.

We have had no rust problems. The rear leaf springs are starting to get soft. But I use the Jeep so much with the trailer, and to haul stuff in the back, that I can't expect them to last forever.

It has been a very good vehicle for us, and I would buy another after checking it over. Also our check engine light has come on twice, and twice it was the gas cap not being tightened by my wife. No big deal.

The 84 Pioneer was my first car. Still holding on to it! It has the 2.8L V6 Chevy engine. Of course this Jeep was made by AMC, so some things are different, not just from its age.

It has 250k on it, and has its original engine and manual transmission. I have had no major engine work or transmission work.

It has had probably more off road experience than most Jeeps. In my younger years I offroaded a lot. Creeking and mudding were common afternoon affairs. This Jeep has held up very well. The lack of engine power is no big deal cause in 4 wheel drive it has plenty. I have towed a lot with this Jeep as well.

It is a 2 door with power windows and doors and air conditioning, cruise and more. All of these still work well. I did rebuild one power window motor several years ago.

The head liner did start to sag a few years ago too, but I fixed that as well.

I have been very pleased with both of my Jeeps, and I can't say that I have babied them in any way. Sure I wash them and wax them at least once every two years or so, and change the oil regularly, with a grease and filter check as well. But other than that, I can't say I have had to do much to either one of them at all. I don't really count changing wipers, tires, shocks, brake pads or anything that is normal wear and tear as being an issue. You have to do this to any car.

We will drive these two until some idiot wrecks into one of them and totals it, or until I decide to pass them on to one of the kids.