2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0 from North America


Bullet proof - almost the best car I've had - see 78 Dodge Aspen for my best car review


Transmission 70,000 miles under extended warranty.

Radiator 120,000 miles.

Starter 153,000 miles.

Rear hatch struts got weak.

A/C leak somewhere.

Front brake rotors warped 75,000 miles.

Replaced head gasket due to radiator splitting open.

Water pump at 140,000 miles.

A/C compressor magnet assembly -- not coil.

Torque converter bad clicking noise at 153,000 miles.

General Comments:

Bulletproof, and we do 98% city driving with this vehicle. The few highway miles we put on the car were quite comfortable for hours -- the seats are wonderful - gas mileage was over 22 on the highway and bit under 20 in the city - so not too bad at all.

The automatic transmission made bad grinding noises at 70,00 miles, but was replaced under the extended warranty.

Front brake rotors kept warping - seems a common issue - replaced at about 70,000 miles with aftermarket from Pep Boys and never an issue since then.

Radiator spit open at the aluminum and plastic joint - total worthless design which most cars have now - old copper radiators went forever and were far superior - I recommend replacing the radiator with a better one immediately.

Head gasket blew because of the radiator blowing out at highway speeds. If the radiator stayed good, the engine would be perfect for 10 more years. I replaced the head gasket myself and it was fairly easy. Water pump and starter replaced, but after 10 years -- almost unheard of these days -- even Lexus cars have water pumps fail well under 10 years old.

This car is 2 wheel drive and has super handling. Huge cargo area has hauled EVERYTHING - bricks - lumber - couches - chairs - outdoor furniture - tons and tons of stuff -- roof rack has held maybe 500 pounds of lumber a number of times, but it has bent due to severe overloading - inside carpet in the back has not torn. Seats are not torn after 15 years of city driving everyday use.

I replaced the torque converter when it started making loud clicking-banging noises. It was not too hard to do myself - Jeeps are easy to work on. Lots of room to use wrenches.

I think this is a super solid reliable machine. I can't complain about anything except the junky radiator and having to put Freon in the A/C system for like 10 years now every couple of weeks when the cooling stops working. I live in Florida so the A/C is on almost every day of the year. I replaced the compressor clutch magnet -- the very front part with the single nut in the center that bends in when the A/C is turned on because this gets hot and metal expands and the compressor quits turning and the A/C quits very randomly -- I think it's a common issue that you can fix yourself if you get a new magnet assembly.

I believe one of the best newer vehicles made. 153,000 miles now and a daily driver - still looks good - paint is excellent - interior is still nice - no dash cracks.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2016

2001 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 from North America




I've had a couple problems. Needed a starter, universal joints, and the fuel pump has low pressure, so I have to turn the key on and off a couple of times to pressurize the lines.

Front speakers don't work, and the driver's window grinds the gears when it closes all the way.

General Comments:

I LOVE my Jeep. This is our second one (both black), but we totaled the first one. I would recommend it to anyone.

But I can't complain for 258,000 miles on it, and only paying 500 bucks. But she's still going strong, and I go off roading a lot.

I will definitely buy another Jeep. It's perfect in mud and snow, and snappy when you put it to the floor.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2013

19th Feb 2013, 04:06

Front speakers not working, are usually because the speaker wire in the wire harness that runs from the chassis into the door, is corroded or broken.

The windows working only with the driver's module is usually because the driver's door module; the multi switch for windows, locks and mirrors; has a fatigued solder joint. An new module is about $70. But the solder joint can also be, carefully, re-soldered.

These are all standard problems with the last generation of Cherokees.