2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0L inline 6 from North America


Great vehicle for anyone who wants reliability


Front passenger speaker has a mind of its own.

Driver's speaker never worked.

Only the driver is able to control the windows.

Mainly minor electrical problems, and some clinking and clanging, but that's just about every car over 10 years old.

General Comments:

I love my Jeep, I'm a senior in high school, and it's a great first vehicle.

It's little rough on the wallet for gas, but it's worth it.

I drove through a foot of snow like it was no one's business. Up and down hills, it handled fine. I've been mudding with it, and it does not get stuck.

Great pick up and nice handling, no wobble in the steering wheel, and it's a comfortable ride in my opinion.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2012

24th Mar 2012, 16:12

Your problems with speakers and windows are common, but in most cases easy to fix.

Driver's side speaker is usually a corrode wire in the harness between the "A" pillar and the door; the passenger side door may be the same problem. Depending on the condition of your speakers, and assuming that they are still functional, all you would need to do is splice in some new wires.

The driver's side control module for the windows and mirrors, usually ends up with flaky solder contacts after years of use. I just replaced mine, instead of messing with trying to fix it. Maybe $70 for the new module.

Clunking could be many things, but with only 119K miles, it just might be suspension bushings.

2001 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 6 from North America


Like the looks, but not worth buying


3 window regulators have gone out.

My brake light and tail lights have had numerous problems.

The windows are so expensive to fix.

My friend has the same year as me, and the same exact problems. I will not ever buy a Cherokee again.

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Review Date: 20th November, 2010

2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0L from North America


When you leave home in the morning, it will bring you home, whatever the weather


... Things that have gone wrong with the Jeep... I'm thinking...

The only thing wrong with this truck is they stopped making it in 2001. That said, I have had four of them and I loved them all. An '84, a '93 (both black beauties), a '98 (the green hornet), and my present tank, the '01 (the silver bullet).

The bullet is by far the best deal I have scored on a Cherokee. It was a Virgina beach truck with 66,000 miles on it in 2008. It had never seen salt. It was someone's baby in perfect condition.

It had one little problem, it didn't have any oil pressure. The owner wanted $8000, I offered $5000, she took it.

I sold the '98 for $3000, drove the bullet until the engine quit (the owner blew a rad hose and didn't shut it off). I bought a running engine with 50 psi and had it installed for $1100 total (you can walk along the ditch and find a 4.0L Jeep engine). I dipped the whole truck in Rustcheck (kidding).

None of my Jeeps ever let me down, EVER! Even if I broke one of them doing something stupid, it would limp home.

General Comments:

I'm 51, at this point I can afford a Range Rover. I read the reviews on Range Rover, I read the reviews on our little tank from Toledo, Ohio. I'm sticking with my Jeep.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2010

17th Nov 2010, 11:33

I hope your comment about 50 PSI is an error. Or did you have the engine rebuilt? The minimum compression pressure for a 4.0L (2000 model year) is 120 PSI.

Otherwise, I agree. These vehicles for the most part are pretty bullet proof. The major problems that I have, and it seems most others, experienced are related to the wiring. Primarily this is the wiring between the drivers door and the rest of the chassis. It affects speakers, window controls and door locks. But then I know for a fact that Jeep is not the only vehicle from the time frame that has these issues. VW and Audis are definitely much worse and more expensive to fix.

15th Sep 2012, 23:08

He was talking about 50 PSI oil pressure.