2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0L straight six from North America


Best all around 4x SUV I've ever owned


Valve cover gasket, boots, brake rotors, slightly shoddy fit and finish in the cabin.

General Comments:

I do not buy new cars! It's the biggest rip, and worst way to throw away your cash, and the easiest way to get mad at when something goes wrong. Depreciation on a new car is no bueno.

I also tend to replace cars every year or two, and generally own more than 1. I currently own 3, a 06 Wrangler Golden Eagle, 78' BMW 320i, and my 2001 Cherokee.

I also do not mind and expect repair needs to arise on any used or older car. Minor inconveniences and fact of life. I don't care what car you own, Porsche, Chevy, Toyota, Jeep etc... it will break now and again. Used cars make much more sense than borrowing money from some auto company.

I bought my 01 Cherokee for 2500.00 with 80K on it. It is a theft salvage and needed a front bumper/and cover from a minor front end collision the thieves had gotten into. Had this work done in 4 days, 300 in parts and 300 in painting labor and body work. The thing is mint.

Took it directly to a mechanic and did 800.00 more in minor mechanical work listed above, and was offroad from San Diego to Cabo a month later.

Haven't had any problems besides normal maintenance since I've purchased it, and I USE this Jeep like any other 4X I've ever owned.

It is great, classic styling, decent gas mileage, and fits everything.

I've read a lot of commentary on "Japanese" 4X's being better and I disagree, did the same Baja trip in a 99 4Runner (that I paid 10500.00 for) and lost 1st gear 30 miles north of Cabo, drove back to the states and ended having to replace the entire manual tranny! Cost 2800.00 for a rebuild!

Did the same trip in a low mile 95 3.0L 4Runner (cost me 7500.00) and lost two cylinders in La Paz! The thing came all the way back on 4 cylinders, but a 3200.00 bottom up rebuild on the engine wasn't so cool. Both of these "Japanese" cars were clean, 1 owner, well maintained and reconned vehicles!

I've got about 4K into this Cherokee, and 25k miles later I love it and don't plan on getting rid of it.

As an aside, I think it takes a different kind of person to own a Jeep, and the 06 Golden Eagle I did 800 miles of the Baja 1000 in last year was the best 4X I've ever taken down the peninsula! Go Jeep!

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Review Date: 28th February, 2009

24th Oct 2009, 14:05

The same here. I have 3 Cherokees "84", "89" and now the "01".

This is my 7th 4X4. With the right tires they are very good off road. I may need to replace the front 2 wheel hub bearings, not hard to do. Have fun and don't keep it on the road!

2001 Jeep Cherokee Laredo V6 from North America


Best SUV that I have ever seen..


Well, we bought our 2001 Jeep due to the fact that our 2001 Ford Explorer was total in a auto accident. We bought from a dealer that told us it was an one owner vehicle and had all the maintenance records with it form previous owner. We check on car fax and it was a clean title. There seem to be no damage and vehicle ran very well. After the purchase we got home and found out the the rear hatchback door didn't lock. We took it back to the dealer and they fixed it. They installed a new rear door lock switch. Works perfect.

About 3 months later an emissions light comes on took it to the dealer. They told us it need an evap sensor. That was about $150.00 to replace. Drove car home, and on the way the same light came on. Hmmm, took it back to dealer again. The dealer told us that it was another evap canister that was under the fender of the vehicle; another $350.00 to fix that.

Drove the car home the emissions light came on again. OK so now I am getting upset, went back to the dealer and they said there is nothing wrong. Reset the light and gave us a full tank of gas. The light stayed off for until the gas tank got down to 1/2 a tank. So this time I took it to a local repair shop. They told me the same thing the dealer told me; you have to two things wrong.

Evap canister needs to be replaced, and evap sensor are bad. He showed me the canister; it was very old and looked rusty. So it was never replaced. Got taken my the dealer. So I paid them another $350, drove the vehicle home, not more than 30 minutes, the stupid light is on. I can't believe this.

Beware if you have this problem. I went to Pep Boys and had them check my brakes. Nothing wrong and I told the tech that worked on my vehicle about all the problems I had. He told me hold on he checked the codes that came up and told me that the evap canister and sensor were bad according to the codes. Then he told me this happens a lot with all vehicles.

He sold me a new gas cap and told me that the seal on the cap was bad and gas vapors were leaking, and that would cause the emission light to come on and give false readings on the code. Well 6 months has gone by and no light. Thanks Pep Boys, I will return to their service for all my needs. Watch out for this problem and don't get taken like I did. But it is an awesome vehicle to own!!!

General Comments:

Well, first of all this vehicle looks great. Has great pickup and you can go off road where no man has gone before.

Handles well on the high ways, and for being a SUV it does get 27 miles per gallon on the highway. We took this vehicle to the Smokey Mountains and had no problem climbing the very steep roads. In the city we have been averaging about 21 miles per gallon.

If your looking for a used SUV, I highly recommend this vehicle. Looks good, runs goods, it is all good.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2008

10th Aug 2008, 19:43

Can't honestly see you getting 27 mpg on the highway, these Jeeps are notorious for poor mileage, averaging around 12 city and 18 highway. Pastor just sold one for that reason!

10th Aug 2008, 23:43

The thing with the dealer you bought it from is total BULL!

I suggest taking them to small claims court and getting your money back, and bring the mechanic and your receipts to verify that the work done at the dealer was in fact never actually done.