2001 Jeep Cherokee Classic 4.0L from North America


Gets me home every time!!!


1. U-joints had to be replaced at 40000km. This is because of driving in 4wd on the incorrect surface.

2. At 65000km, the water pump had to be replaced.

3. Rust on roof near the top of the windshield.

4. At 85000km, the front and rear shocks were changed with "Rancho" brand, and the Jeep rides better than ever.

5. Driver's front seat is starting to crack on the sides. Suspect it's from my wife sliding on and off the seat.

6. Misfire on occasion, along with check engine light.

7. 110000km transmission service, front and rear diff service, and transfer case service.

General Comments:

As a mechanic, I chose this vehicle for the versatile, and compact qualities.

The biggest problem I had was the misfire issue at part throttle and when cold. This was not an easy problem to locate, but was fairly simple to resolve. HERE IT IS!!!

The issue with most misfire symptoms, along with "mil" light, was that carbon gets stuck on the exhaust valves, causing reduced compression in that cylinder. Without getting into too much detail, I will tell you that it has to do with the lack of exhaust valve rotators. The purpose of a rotator is to rotate the exhaust valve during the open and close cycle. This will in effect clean the valve face or surface. You cannot install rotators, but to correct this problem remove the valve cover and manually rotate the valves. One will require a valve spring compressor, small mallet, and about 2 hours. This will need to be done whenever there is an unexplained misfire.

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Review Date: 25th March, 2007

2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0 Inline Six Cylinder from North America


An amazing vehicle well worth the money


Very few problems with the vehicle. Drivers speaker has gone out and I am getting a terrible rattling from the passenger front speaker. (Rattling only happens in cold weather tho...) I am disappointed the rear seat does not have head rests, I was recently hit from behind by another vehicle in a friends cutlass and the head rests saved our necks, so I am conscious of this now when I have passengers in the car. I have taken the car off road in mud, snow, sand, and through rivers and I am very proud of it.

General Comments:

The car is an amazing car. I am a proud owner of this vehicle. Stock, this car has never gotten stuck anywhere I've taken it, and I have taken it off road a few times. I even dropped it hard on a boulder and she received no damage on her. The car has the perfect amount of power to get you going along, merging on the highway and such. Lacks power in the higher rpms/speeds, but hey it's a big box on a highway. A little unstable for highway driving, but you get used to it. I really wish they were still building these vehicles.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2007

2001 Jeep Cherokee from North America


Needs work


My fiance and I recently (Oct 2006) bought a Jeep Cherokee Sport 2001, and we have had nothing, but a nightmare from about two weeks after purchase.

The dealership set up our insurance (thought it was okay, got in an accident) and found that instead of the full coverage we thought we were getting, we only had liability. This accident was less than two weeks later.

After a nightmare of a time, we got the dealership to fix it.

Noticing some slight shaking.

Last night, my fiance was stuck about 45 minutes from home in the parking lot of his work, the key wouldn't turn.

Stood outside til 11 pm trying to get a friend to fix it.

Going back today to try tapping on the key (we left it with a little WD-40 in the key hole).

Hopefully it will work as we need that jeep to get us back and forth!!!

Also, has anyone noticed a squeaking in the area of their left front tire when going about 55 mph?

General Comments:

This isn't necessarily a poor vehicle... just not great either.

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Review Date: 28th February, 2007

28th Feb 2007, 11:51

Can't help with the other issues, but the key problem might be due to the steering lock.

If the steering wheel is hard over against the lock, then this will prevent the key from turning or being extracted. If you move the wheel away from the lock you should be able to turn the key, release the lock, and start the engine.

26th Feb 2009, 10:18

How is you getting into an accident and it not being fixed correctly, or being fixed fine but having other issues, Jeep's fault?