2nd Nov 2007, 11:54

1998 Cherokee Sport owner. I've had mine since 2001 and have put over 80,000 miles on it. However, in that time, I've had replace the compression chip, water pump, electrical system, universal joints (which are are now shot again), and now shocks and both MAP and TPS sensors. I paid mine off and was hoping to get another winter out of it, but I refuse to sink another $1,200 into this piece of crap.

The speakers have been long shot and so has the AC. The power windows work intermittently on the passenger side and the back hatch doesn't lock. The rear passenger door won't open at all (from inside or out). At this point, I'm off to buy a new vehicle. The Cherokee did everything I needed it to, but the constant attention it needs is annoying. It's time for a new vehicle.

By the way, don't compare the pre-89 Cherokees to the post-89 Cherokees. They were made by two different companies and the later models are waaaaay under-engineered. You have replace the brakes every year because they were originally designed for the Chrysler LeBaron.

4th Nov 2007, 09:04

I had a 1993 Jeep that I loved beyond words, but I gave it to my son so he would have reliable transportation and it lasted him until 180,000 miles when he sold it to his roommate to buy a BMW.

I purchased a 2001 Grand Cherokee Limited and truthfully I never loved it, I basically liked it. Anyways, the blendair motor went in it and that was like $800 and of course the usual fuel pump when it was expected around 76,000 miles, it's basically nickel and diming us. Right now it's sitting in Wal-Mart parking lot as it has to be towed to the garage tomorrow. I drove it all day, going to the bank, then a friends and the to Wal-Mart. Went out to start it and won't even turn over, the lights all work and my husband put in his battery to test it and it's not that, just nothing happens when the keys turns. So it's probably some computer electrical thing that you can't figure out on your own, then I am selling it. No matter what hubby says, I am tired of not being able to depend on this thing. I owned a 1988 Cavalier as an extra car that the kids could use when they visited or if a car broke down and I just sold it for $500, no rust. It could sit three-6 months and someone could get in and it would always start. I should have kept that one and sold the Jeep.

4th Nov 2007, 18:30

I bought an '01 jeep cherokee in early 2004. It currently has 81k miles on it. I have driven this baby all over the place. Any problem I've had with it has been pretty minor and very easy to fix. easy = cheap :-)

I am thrilled to read that I wasn't the only one with the drivers side speaker problem (started occurring around 50k). I've gotten pretty used to it now. Even now though, it'll come on very occasionally and I am usually shocked to experience the surround sound again because I've gotten so used to only the right speaker working.

I've also had to fight with the engine light due to EVAP coming on and off. It always seemed to go off for a little while after I filled up on gas. I think I remember reading something that said the on/off nature of it was because of the way the computer checks and reports problems. Something like 40 ignition starts with no issue and it will clear the code.

I recently feared the worst due to a sudden dump of radiator fluid from the engine area. It was POURING out rusty fluid. But in true Jeep form, it was a relatively minor fix. One of the Freeze Valve's had rusted out. I wonder if that was part of the "rust" recall.

I had a power steering problem a few years ago, and I'm not sure of the cause of that. It just needed a new pump and it was good to go (about $250).

And the only other problem I've had with it was minor. It was my mistake that it was an expensive repair. I think it was a temp valve (apologizesif I got that wrong, I can't remember right now). It was apparently only a $5 part. But I didn't think anything too major of it when my heater stopped blowing hot air. It happened pretty suddenly. (My mistake number 1). My jeep started to run hotter than normal, but not in the Red yet. So I figured I could make it to the end of the exit ramp to a gas station (My mistake number 2). I cracked the radiator and it had to be replaced. Damn that $5 part. I learned my lesson.

I also occasionally have (although it's not as bad as it was before) most of my gages go out and the odometer says "NO BUS". It has to be a bad connection to the computer because it was occasionally triggered by a bump in the road. the gages would return to normal after a minute or two. the problem doesn't really happen any more.

Also my engine light hasn't come on in about 4 months, which is also good.

I really do love this jeep.

My transmission fluid was running low the other day, but I don't think I've ever even looked at it before. And I don't notice any leaks, so it's probably just from the mileage.

I also love that at 80k miles, every time I get the oil changed, even when I go over the recommended amount of mileage, it's ALWAYS full.

My mechanic, who fixed the freeze plug (and also drives a Cherokee), said that he's never once seen a blown head gasket in a Jeep. Which is pretty cool. Because two previous cars of mine ended up with blown head gaskets.

So many repairs can be done at home too.

4th Nov 2007, 18:34

Just posted a comment (2001 Cherokee - freeze valve). I forgot to mention that I also have the problem with the passenger window not working from the passenger side. I have to roll up and down from the drivers side.

The brakes on this Jeep have to be replaced pretty often too.

And I'm curious to see if anyone else has experienced loose steering as well?

8th Feb 2008, 14:54

Most Jeeps with 4.0 liter engine do not use a PVC valve, they use an PCV orfice.

I also have a dead front left speaker.

Jeeps from about 1999 and newer do not have a fuel filter by itself; it is part of fuel pump regulator.

3rd Mar 2008, 19:06

There is a fix for the left front speaker listed in one of the comments above. I did it, it's very easy.

2nd Apr 2008, 01:45

I have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee Limited that I bought new. I have had the normal issues most have had (rotors, front drivers seat, fuel pump, etc). I have not experienced the front speaker problem yet, but at least I know it will happen soon.

I have a friend (who is a heavy equipment mechanic) do a routine maintenance on my vehicle, since it just coming up to 100,000km (60,000 miles)

I have asked him to change the 2 differential fluids, the transfer case, transmission filter. We also need to replace the air filter adapter, so when that is done a new oil filter and oil chance will be done.

He also changed all 4 shocks, as it seemed to be hitting very hard.

My question is...

I know he is not supposed to do a flush on the transmission, but I can't find anywhere on how much transmission fluid it takes. I have all the other amounts (1.5 liters for differentials, 5.7 liters for oil) but all they tell me is 2.0 liters for transmission fluid. I know that is wrong and my buddy tells me it's closer to 7.0 liters. Can anyone help me here?

Amy other suggestion to do on this Jeep while we are at it?