19th Aug 2002, 00:12

Again, I own a 96 Cherokee, and so far it's been good to me. I had the same problem with the rear speakers, but no one should expect much out of their factory speakers - I suggest getting new ones all around. The peppy engine is this cars high point, with all new engine components in the in-line 6 for '96 including aluminum pistons. The boxy shape looks a little archaic however jeep is all about function-ability. As for the gas mileage, I've gotten an even 20 mpg on the highway which isn't bad for such a high displacement engine. The steering is spot-on and it's good in the snow. A great, very reliable all round deal -Gus Pearson.

2nd Oct 2002, 00:15

I have wanted a Jeep Cherokee since I could afford a car, but never got around to it with four children in tow. Now that I have 2 children left I decided it was time to treat myself to the Cherokee I always wanted. I am now the proud owner of a 1991 Cherokee Sport. The smooth ride I did not expect, of course the previous owner took the cows by the horns and had gas shocks installed. Mine is a 5-speed, 6 cylinder, with no extra buttons or bells. It has an after factory stereo, and the speakers work fine. I'm sure learning how to drive in a Jeep Wagoneer in 1972 helped make my decision to become a Jeep owner. Overall I have had this car for one week and I have to get up at night to see if it is really parked in my driveway!

15th Nov 2002, 23:47

I am the same way... wanted a jeep for a while now. My older 82 jeep was OK, but was broken all the time. I just bought by new 00' cherokee sport and I love it! The speakers in general seem to be pretty wimpy, but its not like its much trouble to replace.

The only thing that's concerned me so far is how low the brake cable hangs down in the back. I think some twisty ties will do nicely there.

Beside that I just sit there looking at my Jeep. I LOVE IT!

I FINALLY have my perfect vehicle!!

2nd Feb 2003, 11:52

Just some advice. For the clunking on the front driver side check the upper track bar connection. The track bar is a bar about 1" round that goes from the front differential to the frame. You may half to jack it up and check. It may not show any play unless it is sitting right, which is why it is so hard to detect even at the dealer.


1st Oct 2004, 08:05

I have a 96 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4x4 w/48500 miles. it is a love hate relationship at best. had death wobble for a couple years, and suspension was fiddled with (heavier non Chrysler shocks/steering stabilizer), new tires. lost water pump. did that. did recall on rotors. brakes have to be replaced more than you would think. this week we had heavy rain, got stuck in flash flood waters, but managed to creep out. yesterday car stumbled going up hill- am thinking something still damp. I am the only owner. I must admit that I think if I could afford a new car, I would get one, as it is hard to feel safe when weird things happen. radio is horrible by the way. still have speakers, but radio only gets a few station in..badly...they fade.

15th Aug 2008, 05:53

I had Jeep Grand Cherokee that had clunking noise on the drivers side. It was the nut in the center of the top of the strut under the hood.