14th Nov 2005, 18:03

I own a 1994 sport and this jeep is amazing. It will pull through the thickest mud and plow through snow like it isn't there. If you don't like the ride, buy a car. Only problems thus far is the reverse lights, other than that riding and running great.

25th Nov 2009, 00:17

I have a 95 and it's a beast. It has 315000 k on it and it runs great.

28th Aug 2010, 14:38

I love my Jeep. I had an overheating problem. My uncle said replace the hoses. My hubby used to own a 1992 Jeep Laredo. He said that's a common problem with Jeeps. He said replacing the radiator will solve the overheating problem. It runs great. I got it with 146000 miles, and now it's 163000 miles, and I noticed it's good on gas.

14th Oct 2010, 23:24

I just recently bought my first car a few weeks ago. A 1995 Jeep Cherokee Country with only 85000 miles, yes 85K!

It has obviously been garage kept and was owned by an old couple. So with proper maintenance and care, this car will last a lifetime.

It rides very smooth and takes corners very well. The condition of it is literally immaculate, it is so flawless that it makes me not even want to drive it.

I love the Inline 6, so easy to work on and parts are very accessible under the hood.

12th Dec 2010, 00:55

Under previous car you have AMC Grand Wagoneer. I wonder if that was junk to? They came with an AMC inline 6 also.

30th Jan 2011, 18:55

I have owned several Cherokee's.

After 92, the Cherokee was competing with the Grand Cherokee, as you could buy both with the 4.0 six, and the Cherokee took a back seat to its bigger brother.

After 92, they put a single core cooling system in them, unless you got a tow package with it, then it had two, so most have the single cores. If there is any blockage in the single cores, they will over heat, as a single core is just not enough, so yes, just replace it with a 2 core. I run a custom mad 3 core, and I have no worries, as I drive in 100 plus summer weather, and tow, and it never moves past 180.

Most of the problems that the 92 and later have are a simple fix, and are just because of the down sizing of this platform, as per the EPA. This happens every 5 years, hence this is why most new stuff is crap. Thank the EPA. Hope this helps.