1978 Jeep CJ5 AMC 360 from North America


Fun, with four wheel drive


The 232 In-line 6 cyl. motor went bad at 65,000 miles. I replaced it with the AMC 360 V-8, and it was a great choice.

Transmission has been replaced 3 times (see above for the reason, not designed for the power).

General Comments:

The CJ5 is a blast to own. They may not handle like a sports car, but they were never designed to. Plus lets see a car or even a pick-up go where this thing can go.

With a bit of work, they can go on forever. Mine is now 25 years old, and it still is very dependable for everyday driving. It is also able to take me DEEP into the woods on the week-ends.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2003

26th Mar 2005, 11:30

In reality Jeep's are sports cars. Enzo Ferrari called the jeep "america's only real sports car".

1966 Jeep CJ5 Chevy 327 V8 from North America


Rugged and simple, they just go most anywhere


I bought the jeep as a project. Many things I found wrong with it were after I got it running. Here is what I had to do. The carb was spilling fuel over the top. So I rebuilt it, but that didn't help, so I replaced it with a wrecking yard carb; cost was about $5 or $10. Complete tune-up. Replaced the electric fuel pump with a new one from J. C Whitney cost about $25? not real sure about the cost there. I noticed it heated up real bad so, I checked the radiator and found I had a one row core radiator. Had the core replaced with a three row and that solved the heat problem. New shocks from J.C. Whitney.

Cost about $8 each. There were no turn signals in the jeep, so I wired those in myself. I used universal type trailer lights for the rear, front lights were fine. Paid about $8 each for the lights. The turn signal box with a flasher (the universal mount type) I bought from J. C Whitney cost about $40 or so. Cost me an afternoon wiring everything in, but it was worth it to have street legal lighting. New seat covers. Repainted the jeep myself in the backyard with wal-mart $1 a can spray paint. Went through about $15 worth of paint and primer, but, at about 20 feet away it doesn't look too bad. (I take a real low-buck approach at how it keep this old heap on the road.) Bought 2 used chrome wheels at the wrecking yard for $25. Bought two new chrome wheels at local tire shop cost about $40 each. (had to spend some big money for a change there.) Chrome air cleaner from J. C Whitney cost around $10 I'm guessing. There is about a million little things I'm forgetting. These here stand out the most from what I remember.

General Comments:

Wow, what a ride! A Chevy 327 V-8 was swapped into this jeep when I bought and it is a real screaming machine. Everything is about acceleration! First gear is only handy to launch the jeep, this thing is demon in second gear, just hang on! However at highway speeds it is terrible. Gas mileage is about 8 mpg. There isn't even enough space to hardly carry a bag of groceries. The short wheel-base makes the steering a little twitchy at highway speeds. the engine isn't very happy on the highway either, this jeep is very low geared. The locker in the differential will bang and lurch a low speeds. The jeep is a great weekend play-toy. I wouldn't recommend this jeep be used as a daily driver. In summer I use it as that. Jeeps are not the type of vehicle for everyone, there are too many compromises that must be meet, ie; no room for groceries, not much room for passengers, get used to wearing your hat backwards like a teenager, the wind will blow your hat right off (it happened to me, I had to turn around and go back and get it), they are really the most fun with the top off, impossible to drive off road with top off and now look like a human dirt clod when you get back home, can't keep a part in your hair either, or talk to your passenger at highway speeds.

However if you are a brave, rugged type of soul and the previous drawbacks haven't scared you off...well, Hello fellow jeep brother/sister! Only other jeepers can fully understand these wonderful machines. There is nothing like treking down back roads; the sun shining, listening to the birds sing, exploring trails, just driving... the kind of driving that can only be fully appreciated in a jeep. Traveling trails that leather seated SUVs dare not tread is the beauty of these mechanized mountain goats. I had the jeep in places only jeeps can go and they really are the most capable 4X4's there is.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2003

30th Apr 2003, 20:29

Great review! Sound like you know what your talking about.. It all give you a good idea of how the beast really is.. I'll have a CJ-5 within the next couple weeks.. I picked it because it's a true offroad beast! Has a AMC 360 in it.. Its all good cause it has the T-15 tranny. Great review brought tears to my eyes!


Greg B.