11th Oct 2007, 06:20

Fellow Jeepsters, I have just purchased a 1977 CJ-5 V8 AMC 304 4bbl 3spd. I feel I got a great deal for such a classic, and being that they are becoming harder to find totally restored. I got lucky when I found mine, because the retired gentleman has nothing better to do than be a perfectionist. I am flying out from Ga airport tomorrow to pick up from owner in Indiana, then I am meticulously mapping out a round about way home, avoiding as much highway (70mph areas), and doing the scenic route back home to GA. My question to anyone is this: Am I okay doing the long drive back? I personally feel 100% confident about this model, as it was love at first sight-unseen purchase.

25th Oct 2007, 14:19

1977 CJ5 as well, hope your trip back went OK in your new CJ5. The CJ5 is a very sound model assuming it is factory. The problems arise when one puts a more powerful engine in and fails to make the correct modifications to the transmission and especially the drive-line. It probably was a good idea to avoid the highway until you really know what has been done or not done to your CJ5. All that aside no problems, no worries. Happy Trails.

18th Feb 2008, 19:47

I have a 79 CJ5 and just started to rebuild the frame. This Jeep has locker on the front and rear, with a 304 and 4 speed. It will go anywhere; Jeeps are the next best thing to an IH Scout.

10th Mar 2008, 03:53

I own a 76 cj5, with 4.10 gears, 31 inch super swampers, and 258 straight shooter, and I have to say, when I throw it into 4low nothing can stop me, be it rocks or steep hills, or huge mud holes. and if you have to complain about the ride, you shouldn't own a jeep is all you need to know :P.

18th May 2008, 21:44

I have a 1972 CJ5 I have just finished a ground up restoring. It has 304 /3 speed with 4:27 gears. New 4" lift with 33's under it. Just wondering if anyone has suggestions on handling enhancements...55 mph is top speed due to handling. Also I'm in the process of putting in a DUI distributor and taking out the points, is there that much difference?

26th Oct 2008, 21:21

I bought my Jeep from a large Angus ranch in northern Montana for a good deal. It was just an old worn out Jeep left out in a field to rot, but I saved it. It had been used as a fencepost truck and a cattle truck, the odometer had turned at least twice in its life beginning in 1980.

It ran to some degree, but had been abused and neglected all its life. I bought it for 200 dollars and drove it home in the middle of December, the heater was broken, if you live up north you know what I mean.

The mufflers were rusted bad so it was loud, the piston rings were shot and it smoked like a chimney. It rattled and bounced, it needed a lot of work.

To make a long story short, I took it home and overhauled and restored EVERY part on it. Four years and countless hours of grunting and cussing out every word in the book, it ran like new again. I painted it a maroon cherry red and added a six point roll cage and bolted it to the frame. When folks see the shiny red Jeep CJ5 coming down the street, they are stunned, it's a head turner. I took pictures of it, from the rusted old worn out jeep sitting in the field to the shiny new rebellion that is parked in my garage every night. I give myself a pat on the back for all the frustration I underwent to bring a dream back to life, a true art of work and craftsmanship.

6th Nov 2008, 21:40

I bought a 1980 CJ5 brand new, and took it home and raced the sand dunes with it for a long time, winning countless races between 1981, 1982, and 1983.

The inline six could scoot and beat many of the tricked out Jeeps of that time. The only thing I ever added to that Jeep was sand tires that said, Sand Dune Racer on them, can't remember where I found them. I topped speeds close to 100 miles an hour, drifting the corners and riding the tall sand dunes. That little Jeep was fast.

And then in 1984 coming off a sand dune, my tire caught on something and sent me flipping end over end, and then barrel rolling the Jeep six times. When the dust cleared there sat the Jeep CJ5, front bumper bent into a grim frown, fenders battered, wheels bent out of shape, body twisted up, white smoke puffing out of crunched hood and radiator. The paper said, "Crash! Jeep CJ5 Out for Season" That was one of the last of the legendary Jeep CJ5's to race in sand dune racing.

When I finally got enough money for all the new parts, I finally brought it back to life and tried to return to the sand dunes. But when I got there, a newer Jeep TJ had taken my place, and they dismissed me from sand dune racing forever.

I live up North now, nobody ever knew where me and the legendary CJ5 went, and nobody will ever know. I changed its colors from maroon red with the famous number and racing decals to a simple maroon red. Replaced the Sand Dune Racer tires with smaller highway tires. I now blend in with the locals, a small locked up shed behind my house holds my championship trophies and awards. I framed the newspaper that had the accident that ended my racing career forever. Another newspaper says, "Jeep CJ5 Champion for All Time" and I will always pack a few tricks under my hood no matter how old I get or how many miles my CJ5 gets.

I hear about the Sand Dune racing down South sometimes, so far nobody and no Jeep has even touched my records, they never will. Maybe some lucky young Sand Dune racer will get to see me race again, if he knows where my track is that is.

24th Nov 2008, 09:05

Hey, wait a minute...that's a rip off of the movie "Cars" storyline. That's pretty funny. Especially the fake wistfulness. Good stuff :)

4th Dec 2008, 11:39

I'm 15 years old and I'm getting ready to paint the front of a barn for a 76 CJ5. It is sitting in the man's field, and it's in need of some serious TLC. My wish is to paint it green with a black roll cage, 4in lift kit, 2in body lift, and some bogers. It will get to school and back in the winter (Mustang = summer) and go out with my friend trail riding.

23rd Dec 2008, 20:18

Uh huh... Then you'd better get your lawyer on the horn 'cause Disney stole your life story. ;) This just keeps getting better.

17th Feb 2009, 22:02

I honestly don't care if Disney stole my past experience from me. The newspaper that shows the Hudson's crash is the same as mine. With modern computer technology they fitted the picture of the Hudson in to cover my Jeep. If you look real hard you can see the faint shadow of a CJ5 fender that they forgot to take out. I don't want to put a bad reputation on Cars it was a great movie and even I liked it. Sarge the Jeep was my favorite! My grandpa fought in WWII he used to have a Jeep that he brought home from the war that looked like Sarge. That was the first Jeep I ever drove was an old military Jeep from WWII a real one not a civilian one, a real Willys MA military Jeep. They are now very rare!