2014 Jeep Compass 4x2 2.0 gas from North America


Good, honest little SUV for the money


Nothing has gone wrong so far.

General Comments:

Very inexpensive vehicle.

The 2.0 is only 158 HP, so it's not great in the hills.

The back seat is small for a baby seat. I have to put the front seat up half way so my 2 year old's feet are not smashed.

Great gas mileage though, and easy to park.

My car's only option is air conditioning that works well.

It's kind of hard getting used to no power windows, but Jeep wanted way too much $ for the "power package".

I also hate not having power locks, and having to lock each door one at a time. Overall though, for the price it is a decent, honest, no frills car.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2015

2008 Jeep Compass Sport 2X4 2.4L from North America


Problem free, thanks Jeep


Nothing has gone wrong with this car.

General Comments:

This car is very good as a commuter.

Handles very good in mud and light off road conditions.

I average 46 mpg in the city and get, yes, 31 mpg on trips from San Fernando to Paso Robles, CA.

No problem getting up the big grades like the So. Cal grapevine.

Love this small SUV!

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Review Date: 10th February, 2009

12th Feb 2009, 18:22

You get 46 MPG in the city? WOW!!! Talk about efficiency! Way to go, Jeep!

29th Jun 2012, 15:25

The MPG looks insane. Are you sure?

2007 Jeep Compass Sport 4X2 2.4L from North America


10/10 - Bang for your $$$$


Nothing so far, the jeep is doing great.

General Comments:

After 7,000 km, I'm totally satisfied with my purchase, it seems to be reliable, the engine (4 cylinder) is peppy for the size of the vehicle. Seats are comfortable, handling is good.

Enough space, excellent on fuel consumption, I have nothing negative to say, I would give it a 10 for bang for your $$$

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2007

4th Dec 2008, 23:53

Welcome to the Jeep family... as a little brother. You are the Daimler solution to the decreasing demand for large SUVs. And it does not come without a price: shared platform and components with other chrysler products. Older Jeep products where powered by other manufacturers power-trains, but in an exclusive overall design it will never shared with others. With Daimler, all Jeep patents where now available and adapted to the whole Daimler lineup (Quadra-Trac design in Mercedes and quadra-Link in Dodge trucks). For a Jeep purist, these new additions to the brand are the final insult. But welcome anyway, as long as you respect your older brother, the Wrangler, and its attributes, and the honor will be saved. Enjoy the fun through an authentic American icon, with its qualities and faults.

2007 Jeep Compass Sport 4x4 2.4L from North America


Great value, lots of features for a great price


The rear hatch didn't close right when it hit -30 degrees Celsius.

The rear brakes were horribly noisy when in reverse.

General Comments:

Overall the Jeep is a fantastic buy, a great value, lots of features. I'd have to spend close to $8K to get a similarly equipped Ford Edge (which I'd prefer). Other similar SUVs are also $3-5K more than an equipped Compass.

My Compass has 4x4/AWD which works great in 4WD mode in the snow. I added Nokian WR all-weather tires and they work great also.

So far I'm quite happy with the Jeep, I've had it 5 months. Time will tell if it is reliable. There is a 5 year powertrain, 3 year bumper-to-bumper warranty. This is my first DCX vehicle since 12 years ago.

I've started a website dedicated to Jeep Compass owners and enthusiasts so you can read more opinions and info: http://www.MyJeepCompass.com

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Review Date: 13th January, 2007

2006 Jeep Compass 2.4 World Engine from North America


Quick at the redline


Nothing yet as the CAR/SUV is new.

General Comments:

I was looking at getting a Subaru Impreza or Dodge Caliber, but I liked the design of this car when I saw it in the metal. It looks rather ugly in pictures :(

Anyway, I have to rev the engine like crazy compared to my Neon to get power, but once the engine gets going, my Compass will really go! It just needs to lose some weight and get better aerodynamics.

The dash looks cheap, but is durable so I'm not that worried about as much as others are. The sound system that came with it is wonderful. The inside is very roomy for the size of the car.

I hope with its AWD that I can get through the PA winter coming. Only time will tell.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2006

12th Nov 2006, 10:25

Since this is the first review of a Jeep Compass, it would be great if you could come back and comment on how the car is doing when you have more miles on it too!



10th Jan 2007, 17:29

My father bought a compass, limited edition 3 weeks ago, althougt it's a very good car (2.4 engine) it goes very well, and the optional sound system is better than a home cinema!but the only thing is that if you pay attention you can see that some parts are cheap (try to change the rear lights bulbs ;) )

I'm only 17 yrs old, but I drove many cars and for the price its the best car I drove.. and sorry if I do mistakes I'm from quebec...

26th Jan 2007, 20:22

I am not in love with the large use of plastic and cheap parts, but nothing has broke yet so I am happy. The AWD gets me to point A to B nicely in bad weather.

Original Submitter.

21st Jul 2007, 23:18

My wife wanted a new car and after looking for a few months she picked the Jeep Compass. We just took a trip from Tennessee to Florida and I had no problems out of it when it came to passing and keeping up with the traffic. I love it and so does my wife. We both came from families that always had Chevys my parents started driving Dodge vans about 10 years ago and her parents just got a Dodge van. I have to say that I will drive Dodge or Jeep from now on and my wife plans to buy a Jeep when it comes time for another car.

5th Dec 2008, 00:09

An insult to an authentic icon. As a faithful owner of the brand, I have learn to live with the drawbacks of many versions. I gave up with the 2005 Grand Cherokee when test riding it. Cheap plastic, no more full gauges cluster, and overall decline in off-road competence. I still own one, a 2001 Grand, with good fit and finish interior, overbuilt structural stiffness and proven powertrain.