29th Sep 2012, 20:18

What's this about honoring your older brother, the Wrangler?

I've been a Jeep enthusiast all of my life, and have owned 3 Wrangers - 2 YJ's & 1 TJ - (the YJ's are my favorites) as well as 3 Libertys.

Perhaps you are too young to remember, but when the YJ first came out, Jeep purists were appalled that Jeep dare replace the CJ with the Wrangler and its rectangular headlights - well it turned out that the YJ Wrangler was one of the best products Jeep ever manufactured, especially when they went to the 4.0 inline six and the Aisin 5 speed transmission (replacing the problematic Peugeot tranny).

So just remember when you have the audacity to ask a non-Wrangler Jeep owner to "honor" the older brother, the Wrangler - you really have no idea how many Wranglers, CJs, TJs or whatever they have owned in the past.

So in other words - worry about your own Jeep, and don't be judgmental of other Jeep owners.

19th Jul 2017, 04:21

Good reply. I like comments made and backed by facts like you have done. Some think they are the first to ever own a Jeep Wrangler. Just going off road does not mean everything in a human being's life. A lot of off-roads are; drive, re-drive, reverse and try the feature again and again, many times, and sometimes lots of times before one passes it, then he roars like a hero. Wranglers are good for off road driving, and sometimes only after modifications which are done aftermarket. But will give pathetic ride on the real road, and a lot are not comfortable for long distance journeys. This big brother thing has no value.

20th Jul 2017, 20:09

It's fine if you one doesn't want to go off-roading. But if that's the case, I'm not sure why one would buy a Compass over something more refined while on pavement. Even a lowly Outlander Sport will match the Compass on price and build quality, while offering a more compliant and comfortable ride.