2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude 3.6L V6 from North America


Looks can be deceiving, avoid this at all costs


Both heads on the engine were ticking. It should be a recall, but it isn't because if Dodge were to replace all of them on all 3.6L engines, they'd go bankrupt. 3000 dollars per head. That means you're paying 6000 every 4 years to keep it on the road. And don't expect your dealership to fix it without taking them to court. These engine heads were built wrong on all 3.6L V6s.

Floor mat in the front driver's side ripped before we owned it for a year. Not paying 400 bucks for a new one.

Transmission cooler radiator broke at 130,000km. Was 1100 to fix.

After 100,000km there was a significant amount of metal shavings in the transmission fluid pan.

Transmission is screwed. It can never be programmed right. It's always pounding or shifting weird.

Driver's seat cushion was flattened from getting in and out at about 70000km. Very, very cheap material.

Cannot remember what was replaced before 100,000km.

General Comments:

It was definitely comfortable. I'm 6'1 and the driving position is perfect. But it is not worth 50 grand. It looks nice, but is not a pleasure to own. It's extremely cheaply built. No quality whatsoever.

I had to rely on my 16 year old Nissan in the final couple months of having this Jeep, because the motor was going to blow up and I didn't know when.

The body roll was annoying. I couldn't make the turns in the mountains of Idaho without making my family sick. I'd have to slow down for corners.

Dealership is a pain in the ass to deal with. They argue you on EVERYTHING. So never expect your experience to be pleasant.

Never buying another Dodge product again. I hope anyone who reads this doesn't buy one. Especially not a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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Review Date: 26th December, 2016

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4WD V6 from North America


Some engineering is pitiful, but drives well and handles well


Headlight failed. Dealer wanted $523.00 to replace a headlamp. What engineer designed that in an automobile?

Battery needed checking. It's under the passenger seat in front. Some design, not for the owner.

That is the first question I will ask in buying a new auto in future. How much and how do you change a headlamp bulb? Also where is the battery and how is it serviced?

Recalled for defected valve head on one bank and not firing the correct ignition. Valve head has been replaced as a recall.

General Comments:

2nd Grand Cherokee. 2012 is not as good quality as my 1996 model. Good in snow. I sure hope the 2015 model is not designed the same.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2015