2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel from North America


Not sure I will buy another Jeep / Chrysler product


The brakes.

A vibration under the dash.

General Comments:

I owned this brand new 2014 Jeep a month and 1/2 before having to put it in the shop. The shop has had it a month. Chrysler really has not done anything for me. They are following the lemon law. You would think they would want me to be driving their brand of car. I am very disappointed with Chrysler. I hope they are treating other customers better.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2014

28th Sep 2014, 21:37

Grand Cherokees seem to have always had brake issues (especially the 1999 model years and newer ones). Usually the front rotors warp somewhere between 12,000 and 20,000 miles. My advice is to replace the OEMs with real good brand-name aftermarket pads and rotors, as the stock rotors just can't seem to handle the heat created by braking.

Why is your 2014 Grand Cherokee in the shop?

30th Sep 2014, 00:27

I noticed it pulling to the left when I would brake. They (the dealership) have replaced several parts. They have been in contact with Chrysler since week 2. They just cannot figure out what is the problem.

9th Nov 2014, 14:40

So I got my Jeep back Oct 27. They fixed the brakes. There is still a vibration in the dash. I also noticed several marks or nicks in my Jeep. It looks like they were careless with their tools and damaged my vehicle. I now have to bring it back to the shop for body work! A brand new vehicle needing body work from it being in the shop for nearly 2 months for brakes. I'm not very happy at all.

7th Mar 2015, 04:11

Continental (Germany) bought Teves (US) and all Jeep began to warp rotors. Why? Not sure. Reminds me of my Volks. Fortunately 2001 and plus have Akebono.