8th Aug 2010, 02:38

I semi agree with the comment on how the gas mileage is horrendous, because it is. There really is no reason that they cannot engineer a equally powerful and off-road capable vehicle that can get at least 24 mpg. That being said, I know several people who own one of these Jeeps, and all of them do not use it as their everyday vehicle. They use it for towing (anyone who owns one without a tow hitch needs to rethink why they bought the vehicle) and offroading. At least where I live, there are more than enough places to use the Jeep's off-road abilities, and it is only surpassed in that department by its Wrangler counterpart.

Jeep can and should produce a viable mean green Jeep Grand Cherokee, but until then, the current ones are still some of the best SUVs you can possible own. They are very safe when driven by safe and intelligent drivers who do not make the poor decision to swerve at high speeds. They also handle bad weather with their all-time four wheel drive trains like they are snow plows. I once drove through a literal blizzard with my aunt in her Grand Cherokee, and it was as if the road was completely dry, even around tight corners. The Grand Cherokee is no less likely to roll than any other SUV, and in its class, it is a stand out in all categories.

6th Nov 2012, 23:06

This is not serious. After a test drive of a 2005 Limited, my final conclusion came fast. Hard and cheap plastic, low end Dodge feel. Spongy front suspension and truck like rear. Basic instrumentation. The only pro is more precise steering and firmer seating.

In comparison, the 'archaic' 99-04 WJ is far more euro standard and FUN to drive. Daimler ownership ruined Jeep's 60 years of independence by sharing Jeep patents. Dodge are Jeep and vice versa. Look under a Mercedes SUV and you will find a Jeep patented Quadra-Trac/Drive unit.

Talking euro design, the Cherokee body style comes from a Renault designer, as well as the first Grand Cherokee.

21st Nov 2014, 19:14

If the person can afford the fuel, then why not.