7th Dec 2005, 01:17

In '96 I bought a '95 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2L V8 demo model with 9k on it. I've had the same problems with water in the passenger side floor board, door locks don't work, and radio buttons that don't do what they're supposed to. Even with that, at 118k, I have loved it, until this past month. I began having problems getting it started, but once it started, ran like a dream. It got worse, so I took it to a certified Jeep dealer. They said it was the ERG valve, and replaced it. Didn't stop the problem. Took it back, and was told it was the crank sensor. Replaced that, new belt, plugs and wires, new rotor, still didn't work. Had just left the dealership with the assurance it was fixed this time. Broke down at the first red light I stopped at. Had to have a wrecker tow me back to the dealership.

Third trip (now over $900 later) they said it was the main computer module, (replaced at no charge) and also said I have an exhaust leak that needs to be fixed, and busted motor mount. Had the motor mount fixed ($144), but will have to save up $700 for the exhaust leak. It doesn't die any more, but is running rough and has a bad vibration when sitting idle, in gear. It also has lost power on take off now. Seems like the engine is working harder than it should be, or that something isn't adjusted quite right. I know it just doesn't run like it did before all this.

Be forewarned also, about replacing the stereo. I had a new $300 after-market stereo installed, and now my security system is haywire! My suggestion is this, buy a Jeep, but the first sign of trouble, sell it. If you have that first, one repair done, it will start a whole chain of expensive repairs.