26th Jul 2006, 21:13

I would just like to say that I LOVE THE 1998 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE LIMITED 5.9L. I am waiting to get my G2 (this November), and then my dad and I are going truck hunting! I am really looking forward to getting this truck as a first car! I love the look/style/and design, but I would love to know what type of gas you use with the 5.9L? I have heard that some people put premium gas and I would love to use that to help the engine last long! I am not sure though if it will damage the motor? Also, has anyone had a lot of problems with their 5.9L?

6th Aug 2006, 18:37

255/70/16 will fit, and I have 275/45/20 on mine. Check the Centerline Wheels site to see my Jeep. I have 255/70/16 mtr on my stock rims. The fit is great, and the ride is great. Enjoy your Jeep, the 5.9 is sweet.

Check mine out at http://www.cardomain.com/ride/486098/1998-jeep-cherokee. My pictures are posted, and yes it is stock height

27th Aug 2006, 11:42

We just bought a newer 2001 Grand Cherokee Ltd. with only 17,000 miles on it -- really nice vehicle. BUT, when we polished up our '98 Jeep Grant Cherokee 5.9L (97,000 miles) for sale we found that it looked better, drove better, sat better and performed SOOooo much better that we are having a hard time deciding which unit to sell (can't keep both). When looking around at resale prices we found everything from $8,000 to $17,000 for these 5.9 L beasts. Most of the lower prices were for abused, off-road used vehicles, but the clean, maintained ones were still holding their values better than any other Jeep. Probably because they are such great long-haul towing systems. Well, that just makes it doubly hard for us to part with the 5.9. What do you guys think, should we keep the well loved '98 5.9L or dump it for this almost new Ltd.?

31st Aug 2006, 21:41

I am an owner of a 98 5.9 LTD I have owned it since new. I just purchased an 04 Overland with the 4.7 H.O. this vehicle doesn't even compare to my 5.9, the acceleration is sluggish, the shifts are mushy and it feels sloppy in turns, but granted it is newer and has a lot more options.

I ran my 5.9 at the track in 95 degree heat with 75% humidity and still ran a 14.9 at 92 mph, not bad for a big vehicle... granted I do have the mopar performance computer. As for tires I have 255 65 R16 Michelin cross terrain tires that are H speed rated, it handles awesome in the turns!

To comment on the binding in turns, yes the vehicle does have trac loc, but the binding is caused by a faulty viscous coupler in the transfer case used for the all wheel drive system. I know because I had mine replaced under warranty and what a difference that made, it turns smooth now with the wheel turned all the way in either direction!

For the owner of the 5.9 and the 01 limited I am having the same dilemma, which on to keep... well I looked at after market options for the overland and found decent exhaust, intake, sway bars, chip etc, so I am hoping I can make it as fast if not faster than the 5.9, who knows maybe a supercharger???...as far as looks the 5.9 looks so much better than the newer jeeps, but what can you do, gotta upgrade at some point!

2nd Nov 2006, 01:18

Hi oven's 5.9 beasts!!! Maybe somebody can tell my the place where good guys have and provide good service/repair in northwest suburban Chicago?

2nd Jan 2007, 14:49

Hi All, I'm new to this site and I'm in the middle of closing a deal for a 5.9 Limited. I'm soo excited to get mine. I was going to buy the 99 but saw the 5.9 online. I have a young child (10 months old) and my only concern with the truck is the trunk space. The full size spare takes a lot of space and lugging around the strollers and stuff is a chore. Is there any way of mounting the tire on the outside or will it just kill the looks from the back? any thoughts? has anyone done anything to create more space in the back? Thx guys!!

17th Jan 2007, 23:04

Hi again guys and gals. I decided to not go with the tire rack on the outside. I did research and I didn't want to drill holes. Anyways just got a new exhaust system installed and I got to say it sounds so nice to the ears. Don't get me wrong I loved the stock muffler sound, but I got a Flowmaster Delta 40 series and man does it sound tough. The Delta series gives you all the rumble needed outside the truck and not as much rumble inside (which is good for my new born). Accelerating from the line at normal speed gives you such a clean sound. I recommend anyone looking for a cheap upgrade to go with this muffler.

11th Feb 2007, 08:35

Hi everyone-

My daughter now drives the 5.9 (I got a new Chevy TB EXT). CAUTION: Do not use a space saver spare tire on these vehicles; it will damage the drivetrain! In order to increase the towing capacity to 6500# I replaced the electric fan with a mechanical one from the 5.2 V8 (dealer installed). It solved the overheating problem (I tow a 6000# boat up to Lake Tahoe), but it also decreased power & mileage. It remains one of my alltime favorite cars.

7th Mar 2007, 16:13

I am proud to be an owner of a 98 5.9 Limited. It is a wonderful vehicle, and I would not trade it for anything.

I use my Jeep as the designers intended. I pull my boat with it, and get stares of admiration at the ramp when the three inch exhaust rumbles across the water. I drive it across ditches, through corn fields and pastures, packed full of hunting gear. Vacuum the deer hair out, shampoo the carpets and polish it up, and then the stares of admiration come from the patrons at a fine restaurant... as the three inch exhaust rumbles across the parking lot.

8th Mar 2007, 05:26

I am trying to decide between the 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd with the 5.9L, or a 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd. There is about a $3000 difference in the prices, but I want the best for my money. I'm concerned about the mileage... both are a little over 100,000 miles. Any advice?

20th Mar 2007, 20:30

No comparison... go with the 98 5.9L. It is in a very different class than the 99...

25th Mar 2007, 10:22

Hi again everyone.

I had the same problem deciding whether to buy the 5.9L and the 99 LTD. I decided after I drove the 5.9L. It depends what you're looking for to be honest. I was looking for power and performance, but still be able to lug a family on a trip. I'm a new proud father and I refused to be stuck with a minivan (although I hear they are the best if you have kids). The 5.9L is a very limited model so even keeping it down the road will be an investment. If you're looking for best gas mileage than go with the 99 LTD. If you're looking to turn heads with a rumbling exhaust and really never worry about power than I suggest go with the 5.9L.

PS if you do decide to get one reseal the front and rear diffs and change your tranny oil at the dealer right off the bat.