16th Dec 2007, 11:00

I too have a 5.9 Limited. I've had it for the past five months and love it.

Gas mileage is painful - costs around 73.32 to fill the tank these days.

My electric fan went after a month or so. Turns out that once the fan went bad, it shorted out two relays. Replaced the fan and relays, and the car runs great, not more overheating.

My 5.9 has about 135k on it, and is in absolutely mint condition.

For anyone considering this car, I would definitely recommend it.

29th Dec 2007, 22:01

I am the proud owner of a 5.9 JGC. I love my jeep I've had it 3 weeks and I wouldn't buy any other suv. My last jeep was a 94 JGC 5.2 also another great jeep. My 5.9 is starting to get a sluggish shifting any suggestions how to fix that. thanks.

10th Jan 2008, 14:43

Love my 5.9L for the guy with the head light issue, that would be the Daytime running light module. You can replace or just unhook it. It's located under the battery tray.

21st Jan 2008, 00:27

I'm looking into purchasing a 5.9 and was wondering how many miles current owner's have on their rigs. Anywhere around 200k?

23rd Jan 2008, 17:35

I currently own a 5.9L and it has approximatly 95,000 miles on it. I too have the problem of sticky gear changing. I took it to a mechanic and they think it's a cellanoid problem.

23rd Jan 2008, 20:56

Now that the 5.9L is 10 years old, more like 11 off the production line. Have there been any major consistent electrical problems anyone has run into? I want to get one, but all those gadgets inside look like an electronic nightmare when stuff begins to fail.

11th Mar 2008, 20:21

We have a 5.9 and love it. It has over 200,000 miles and is going like a champ. The problems have been minor and easily remedied - except for the annoying situation with the AC drain. We got a 5.9 Durango because my wife wanted a 3rd row seat - the Jeep still beats it hands down.

30th Mar 2008, 21:05

I've got a 5.9, and the Jeep may love gas, but I love the Jeep more! I took out the NV249 AWD in exchange for the NV241 out of a Rubicon, all that torque combined with the low gears can make that ZJ drive through a brick wall!

I'm having troubles with pinging though. Chevron gas seems to do the best by not pinging till about 3000 rpm, but any other fuel will ping at about 2500. Yes I'm using premium. Is there anyway to dodge this without a new chip?

Thanks for the help, enjoy your Jeeps!

21st Jun 2008, 20:44

I also have the the best Jeep, 5.9L, and I'm very happy with it. It has a 4.5 inch lift and it looks great. It has 170000 miles and it runs great. I won't change for anything

7th Aug 2008, 09:48

Hi guys I have a 1998 Grand Cherokee with a str6... I have a grinding noise coming from the right rear tire. I pulled the rotor off and checked the brakes and they are fine, but to my surprise it still makes a grinding noise; kinda sounds like they do when your brake pads are worn... I also notice some fluid leaking out of an axle; could this be the bearing going bad or something else?

7th Oct 2008, 22:00

In late August I found my 5.9 Limited. A deep slate, hole in the roof version that had to be flat bedded to my place after 2 weeks of bickering over price. It took another 2 weeks to get it road worthy, the victim of many years of serious neglect. When my wife 1st saw it, she thought I was crazy for buying it. Our investment in $ and time paid off, we have $2020 in a luxo 4wd rocket that turns heads wherever we go! It's starting to ping real bad, probably the sludge disolving, exposing the intake gasket leaks common to the LA engine family. I had nothing to do Monday anyway. Love this truck! Former owner wants it back, I told him 6k as is.

11th Jan 2009, 22:24

I just bought the 5.9 Limited 2 days ago for 3500. 70 K miles and in absolutely perfect condition inside and out! Everything works in it and I was so impressed.

It has a sound coming from the rear axle that sounds like the sound that big studded tires make on the highway, and the rear axle did seem to be resealed. Any thoughts on this noise?

24th Jan 2009, 04:11

Okay, to start off the 5.9L is a trustworthy bulletproof investment. These are rare, less than 15000 made, and god only know how many still exist. I have two; a deep slate and a platinum.

The pinging problem you guys are having is two main causes; not running 93 octane. The other cause is what's called the intake plenum gasket. The belly pan is made of steel and the intake is made of aluminum, so the two different metals expand and contract at two different rates, causing the gasket to go bad, resulting in oil mixing into the intake.

So for people who are have questions, there is a group of people at thespeedfreaks.net who know everything there is to know about these Jeeps. Also these people are trying to find out through a registry how many there are so, please visit thespeedfreaks.net and talk to us for the registry, and for help with your 5.9L Grand Cherokee.

26th May 2009, 03:24

I have a 5.9L that I bought new in Oct 97. It s been a great vehicle but has been costly to maintain over the years. I currently have 138k on it now and have spent $4,500 in repairs and maintenance this year alone. I justify that expense by thinking that its still is cheaper than buying a new SUV. After reading these post It has occurred to me that I have almost experienced every condition that people have mentioned. For anyone that has bought a used one I would budget $600-$1000 a year if you want to keep everything working. My newest problem is the same 4WD item mentioned in a previous post. It is binding up when parking after I have been driving the vehicle for at least 20 min. No issues on short trips. Anyone have any recommendations?

14th Aug 2009, 14:01

Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 L. The year these fantastic cars were made was 1998.Only 14.286 were made and I have one. 83000 miles and never had any problem at all. Runs great and is throughout quality. white with grey leather interior. I get 15 miles per gallon,which is a bit of a problem since I now live in Finland and gasolin is very expensive here 1.35 euro/liter approx. 5.40 e/gall= 8 dollars/gallon. I drive less but when I do I love it.

A question about the daytime running lights. Can those be adjusted so that those all on all the time.Europe law require those be on at all times when driving. My 5.9 L was bought in California.

26th Aug 2009, 11:17

I am a proud new owner of a 98 5.9 Limited. AWESOME truck!!! But I do have two issues with it. In a tight turn it will hop as if it is binding, and also there is a grinding noise coming from the back, sounds like it could be a hanger bearing but the Jeep doesn't have one. The rear brakes have been rebuilt before I picked the truck up, but I haven't checked that out yet. Any hints would be greatly appreciated. I have had the truck 3 weeks and replaced the rear wiper, water pump, air filter and serpentine belt. This is my first Jeep and I am kicking myself for not getting one sooner. Thanks!!!