13th Feb 2005, 20:25

I hope mine can hold out that long too, I only have enough money right now to do preventative maintenance on it. I too have heard that I-6's run VERY well and for a LONG time. I remember reading a few places that a couple people have broken 300,000 miles and the engine was STILL running like a champ. They even joke about it... saying that: "It's just getting broken in". I thought it was pretty funny. Well... sorry to hear about that wreck... get another Jeep though. Long Live the Jeep!

28th Mar 2007, 07:51

I hit 2000,000 miles just as I pulled into my drive-way on January 6, 2007 at 6:13PM. What a great vehicle. I purchased this Jeep (my first of three) with 55,000 miles. I give it a lot of TLC, new brakes and tires every spring, oil changes every 3,000 etc. My Jeep is now at 208,000 miles and climbing.

Everything, with the exception of the radiator and battery is original. My Jeep has no rust anywhere. What a great vehicle.

17th Jul 2009, 19:17

I absolutely love my 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. Haven't had it for long, but it was my first car and I couldn't ask for a better one. It had 197k on it when I got it, and I've taken it well over 200k since. The previous owner didn't do much maintenance, but I will say he did keep the interior spotless. I've put new brakes, rotors tires, and a new headliner. The transmission was replaced in 07, and I've heard that the tranny was the only major problem that I would have to worry about. It has a manifold leak that causes it to tick when accelerating, but other than that I can't see myself ever driving anything but Jeep Cherokees.

21st Nov 2009, 16:31

My '94 Grand Cherokee was recently stolen and trashed. Prior to that, it performed flawlessly in the worst weather conditions of Eastern Ontario.

It developed electrical problems over time, the transmission had to be reworked, and the rotors and radiator had to be replaced. Other than that, it was all vintage 1994 Jeep. It is the only vehicle I have had where I always knew that it would get through anything while keeping its occupants safe, comfortable and warm.

A truly magnificent vehicle. I have a 2002 model now, but still miss the old girl..