26th May 2001, 22:16

I fully agree with that comment. You shouldn't judge Jeep based on the review of a first production year (1999) complete ground-up redesign. Get a 2000+ model. My 2001 is the best vehicle I've ever owned, and I've had a lot!

2nd Jun 2001, 07:42

I understand what you are saying (1st model bugs) but Jeep should stand behind their product a little better and fix the 1999's with updated product if there is a problem. I am VERY displeased with comments like, "this is with-in normal operating limits" and "they know there is a problem but there is no plan to fix it" from the service department manager. I paid over 30K for this car and expect to be given a little better service than I have received!

10th Aug 2001, 05:27

I own a 1999 Grand Cherokee Laredo. I have had brake/rotor problems with numerous trips into the service department before this was finally resolved.

I have had the wheel bearings replaced ($200) only to have defective ones needing to be redone (at the company's expense).

I had to have the rear differential repaired and now the front differential repaired at the tune of $600 to $700 a piece. Chrysler has agreed to pay for the parts for the front differential ($240).

What all this repair work has done is eroded my confidence in this product. It is a great inconvenience for me to be without a car, now for the second day in a row because a part was needed. I did schedule this appointment several days in advance only to be told it was not on hand. I also feel that when you pay $32000 for a vehicle, you should get what you pay for which is a quality product no matter what year it first came out. If the product is bogus (which is how I feel now) Chrysler should go above and beyond to correct matters. Although Chrysler has made some effort to allay my costs, I have no confidence in their product and will not buy one again.

I have owned a Laredo in the past and had zero problems. We presently own a Wrangler and it too is fine.