9th Nov 2004, 16:12

I own 2 2000 GCs, both with recurring warped rotor problems. After repairs, it happens again after 10,000 miles or so.

23rd Dec 2004, 23:01

My 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee has also had recurring warped front rotors to the point it is unsafe to drive at 10k miles post repair. Otherwise it is a nice vehicle and I will continue to fix and drive it. The Chrysler fix didn't work and I continue to have the rotors turned or replaced every few thousand miles or so. Can anyone suggest a replacement brand of rotor which might give longer service life?

23rd Mar 2005, 13:31

Brembo, Wilwood, and Rotora make excellent brake kits. The kits are mostly just big brake kits that replace everything brake-wise up front, but the cost is kind of steep. They run about $1500 per corner. But if braking is what you want you will definitely get it. These are the same brake kits used in race cars, and just as an example, a Chevrolet Suburban equipt with a Brembo Big Brake kit stopped faster from 60mph than a stock Chevrolet Corvette ZO6.

2nd Apr 2005, 23:25

I also have had the same problem. I really didn't even know about rotors until we bought our Jeep. Now every 10000 miles I am talking about my rotors again. Other than that I love my Jeep.

7th Apr 2005, 12:24

Same here on the Rotor Issue. Nothing but trouble. One constant headache!! Warped, Warped, Warped! How do we go about getting this dealt with by Chrysler?

24th Jun 2005, 14:56

I, too, am in the "Rotor Replacement Club". I have 86,000 on my Jeep and am looking at another complete brake job soon. This will be the fourth time the brakes need to be replaced. Like most others, I agree driving the Jeep is a blast, and I am a 65 year old grandma! But I can only hope Chrysler gives us 2000 Jeep owners a break, so to speak, on the brake issue!! Any suggestions on how to get Chrysler to give us some kind of compensation?

3rd Jul 2005, 21:39

I am part of the tri-annual rotor club too. Every 8000 miles it needs a rotor job. The "service bulletin" repair did nothing either. My vehicle has never been off brake warranty because it's never lasted long enough to expire the warranty. I have 8 repair orders for brakes alone. If I lived in the USA I would try for the lemon law. The Jeep has 75,000 Km (48000 miles) on it. I have a 98 Limited that's needed only wear items and both front CV boots replaced. Phooey on the new 1999+ WJ's.

15th Jul 2005, 19:22

Add me to the list. 2000 GC on 5th set of rotors at 50,000 miles. Chrysler has obviously decided to ignore all of us. So I, for one, will ignore them next year when I purchase a new vehicle. Looks like the only way to vote is with your checkbook.

5th Jul 2006, 16:54

Had brake warping problems every 10000K until I purchased new cross drilled rotors from Stillen around 39000K. Cost was about $1000US. It is now almost 80000K and still no warping.

21st Jul 2006, 16:36

I just got the class action suit notice in the mail yesterday for the brake problems on our 2000 Grand Cherokee. You can join the suit and get some $$ reimbursed.

31st Aug 2010, 11:41

I am another owner of a 2000 JGCL. I've put more $ into it than what I paid for it, and I bought back in '04. I've replaced brakes and rotors dozens of times, 2 axles, several seals, the entire rear end has been rebuilt, the windows all randomly stopped working (my issue was just a busted wire), the brake lights went out when the headlights were on (just a $5 harness replacement), a relay switch continuously shorting out causing me to go thru 4 fans, interior lights stuck on when the dashboard lights were on, and many other issues I haven't remembered off hand.

Jeep Grand Cherokees are known for their problems, and there aren't any recalls for most of the issues. I love my Jeep, but I'll never buy another one. But almost every problem I've had, turned out to be common. But some people need to recognize that SUVs in general go thru brakes and rotors like they're going out of style, and when you drive like a bat out of hell... it's gonna be worse. Good luck to any Jeep owner!