14th Sep 2006, 22:15

Right on about the Focus!! I notice now that Toyota is sticking their little "T" emblem on a Chevy Aveo clone, calling it the "Yaris" and charging more for it than a new Mustang. Sadly, some people will be clueless enough buy them.

7th Oct 2006, 17:25

It's really sad that people don't bother to research cars or trucks before they rush out and buy one based on ad hype and articles in Japanese-owned car magazines. When I was looking at new small trucks, I looked at Ford, GM, Dodge, Toyota (Tacoma) and Nissan (Frontier). I knew from all the automotive research I've done over the years that there is no valid evidence that the Japanese are any better than the American brands. Even the highly biased Consumer Reports rates both the Ford Ranger and the rougher-riding, much more expensive Tacoma exactly the SAME in reliability. I've never known ANYONE who got any better service out of a Japanese vehicle than an American one, so I chose to save 5 grand and get a loaded Ranger Sport with a V-6 automatic instead of a stripper Tacoma work truck. I took a nice vacation with the 5 grand I saved.

1st Nov 2006, 21:48

Considering the number of recalls by Toyota for major safety defects in recent weeks I think I'd steer of anything they made unless I had a strong death wish.

12th Nov 2006, 11:25

I read a few days ago that the National Consumers Union now regards Fords as "just as reliable as Toyota or Honda". Of course, they HAVE BEEN for over a decade, but if a highly biased group such as NCU admits they're "as reliable" you can bet your bottom dollar that ALL American made vehicles are a better value. Americans are finally waking up to the myth of Japanese cars being "superior".

18th Oct 2007, 18:31

Initial quality is the key to review a vehicle. Toyota is a leader in this field. But out here in Canada, roads are filled with Jeeps, with owners ready to complain about minor issues under warranty. On the other hand, Toyota are well known for their overall lack of durability: rusty structure, blown engines, cracked heads and too many to mention.

24th Sep 2010, 12:59

Firstly, you guys are lucky over there compared to us! CARS ARE CHEAP. Compare our prices and you will laugh (due to tax)


Base model V8 Landcruiser = $95,000 plus on-road costs

Base Model Range Rover = $101,000 plus on road costs

Base Model BMW X5 V8 = $122,000 plus on road costs

BMW M3 $163,000 plus on road costs

Base Model Porsche 911 (non turbo) = $289,000!!! plus on road costs

(laugh) Corvette Z06 Imported second hand with 10,000 miles on it = $180,000 (converted to RHD)

I have owned a new Landcruiser, an older Range Rover, a Nissan Patrol, and now a second hand Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland.

I don't know about over there, but here (Australia), Toyotas are generally very good and hold their value extremely well! Probably the BEST to hold value than any other brand. They mostly hold value because they just keep going and going, and people hold onto them. Although, I have had mates with nightmare Toyotas too, but very rare.

Business has not been great, but still needed a tow car to tow my race car trailer, so I had to sell some of my other cars to save money (I have a car passion).

I bought the JEEP for the exact reason some are complaining about (the low resale value). I love it when buying second hand LOL - cost me $17,000.

Maybe I am a lucky one, but my Jeep is an older 2002 model WG and I bought it with 165,000 KMS (103,000 miles) on it, and now has 220,000 KMS (137,000 miles).

I have been impressed with it, and it has had no real problems, but it might be partly luck, and partly due to maintaining it correctly.

I fixed the all too often heard brake issue with aftermarket rotors and pads. The engine does not miss a beat, and I change oil and service it myself religiously every 10,000 kms without fail.

Oh, and yes, I have taken it offroad. The Quadradrive works very well, and no problems there.

I agree from reports, they don't seem to be the most reliable, but hey, I must have got lucky... Although I have never really had any issues with any cars ever overall (except my race car LOL)

Peace :)