15th Jan 2005, 14:19

I just finished checking my own facts, and I was wrong on the starting price for the SUV's I mentioned. They all, with the exception of the Envoy, start within a few hundred dollars of $27K. The Envoy starts around $30K. Actually, the Envoy is simply a dressed up Trailblazer. So, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is definitely not thousands less than the competitor's products.

18th Jan 2005, 10:09

Oh, I see. You did not mean THOSE competitors, you know, the ones that are in the same class as the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Your response is pretty typical of the die hard Jeep enthusiasts. Are you the same person who thinks that everyone that has a problem with their Jeep must be driving it like a sports car? The problem that Jeep has is that they market their product as a vehicle to take you through the Rubicon Trail, when in reality, probably less than 1% of their customers ever take the vehicle off road. The other 99% of the people who buy a Jeep simply want a safe, reliable, 4X4 vehicle that can transport them from home to work, and maybe to the campground or lake a few times in the summer. This is why after only one year in production, they softened up the suspension of the Liberty for a better road ride. The Ford Explorer and Chevy Trailblazer will do the same tasks as the Jeep, in the same safe manner, with the same comfortable ride, for the equivalent price. They may not be built for the Rubicon Trail, but who really cares??? We could argue all day long as to who makes the better SUV. Look at the reviews for any of the brands on this site and you will see good and bad for all of them. I previously had a Jeep Cherokee Classic and thought the vehicle was decent, but definitely experienced some poor quality parts in the 4 years I had it.

21st Sep 2005, 10:13

OK first off when it was time to get another vehicle I asked for a Ford Truck, I really wanted a F150 or F250. However the "man of my life" goes out and buys me a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. I will admit it is pretty. Black, with the gold trip, gold rims and black leather seats, I was thrilled when the information center told me I left my turn signal on. However I am FAR from a SUV mom and I did give him this "are you kidding me look" when he came home with it. We have had it 2 years and it is pushing 110K miles on it, but here are my issues with it:

Can we say GAS HOG!!! It has the 8 cylinder engine and is a 4x4 I can't believe the gas I go through.

I've given up on the rear wiper ever touching the rear window. We have adjusted it many of times, so now I just treat the windows with glass treatment.


The a/c accumulator line sprung a leak last year. Parts are not the cheapest for this vehicle. Had to threaten the "Man" with bodily harm to get him to fix my a/c (Hence black Jeep with black interior). Don't worry he is a ASE mechanic.

I have gone through 3 sets of sway-bar links to find out that the traction bar was bad. It has now taken almost 2 months to just get the BOLT for the new bar. Steering wheel is tilted to the left and if I don't watch I veer to the right and look like I am driving drunk.

SES light went on last year and I scanned it and found out the output speed sensor was bad. Picked up a $15.00 part, installation took me 15 minutes. (yes I am a female in the auto business).

If I have to replace one more bulb in this vehicle I am going to scream. It is constantly blowing bulbs, I just keep a glove-box full of them now.

Brakes, Brakes and more brakes. I am not hard on brakes and my 1995 Tacoma with 217K miles on it hardly ever need brakes, but this one...OY.

New issue is that after driving for a while and making a sharp turn either the right rear for left front wheel is dragging and skipping. I had all the diff. services done with the additives and still no change. No seal leaks and no sensor problems.

OK here is the rest of the list, Both front axles replaced, rear speakers, tune-up, 4 shocks, rear main has been seeping for so long I don't even worry about it anymore.

We or I should say I will NEVER buy a Grand Cherokee again.

10th Jan 2007, 18:30

I used to own a Jeep, since then I have owned a Ford Explorer, Chevrolet Blazer, and a Saturn Vue. After each one I have been left wondering, why don't I just buy another Jeep? My Jeep had 185K on it when I traded it off, I put the last 90K on it and never had to touch anything. The explorer was the next best in line, but 4X4-wise it was never even close to a Jeep. The Blazer is a piece of crap, nobody in their right mind should ever own one of those things, spent more on repairs than I ever paid on the loan. and the Vue is the most recent I can't really say anything about that one (plus its the wife's) I generally use my vehicles pretty hard for my profession, SUVs work out hte best and I'd have to say overall you can't beat the Jeep. I have also been told by several of the mechanics that worked on my blazer, that if I want a very reliable SUV find a Grand Cherokee with the 4.0, they have far fewer problems than any of the others and the problems they do have are generally minor and easy to fix.

24th Apr 2010, 11:08

I am the owner of 2 Grand Cherokee Laredo's; a 99 and a 97.

The 97 has 188.000 miles, and the 99 I bought for 1200.00 with a blown motor. #5 cyl didn't have a piston and the motor still ran.

I'm putting a 97 straight 6 engine in the 99; a few minor changes will have to be made, but it will work. They changed a few bolting holes on the head and motor mounts, but where there's a will there's a way.

My 97, I have only had to change oil and brake pads, otherwise it doesn't use a drop of oil and doesn't wear out the tires, so I'm happy.

I just hope I can say the same about the 99 when I get the 200.00 motor I bought from a salvage yard all in and hooked up.

Neither of the Jeeps has rust on them.