3rd Jun 2009, 14:41

I have a 2000 JGC with the 4.0 I6. I've read a lot of these comments on how this vehicle is so unreliable etc. The 4.0 I6 is one of the most reliable engines ever built, and is the best engine Jeep has ever had. I bought my Jeep with 72,000 Miles in 06 and I now have 120,000. The only problem I have had with it is the waterpump which went out at 100,000. I replaced it myself for only about 50-60 dollars. Recently I have found my car overheating in traffic, most likely due to a faulty fan relay. (50.00 at AutoZone). Good luck with the Jeeps everyone.

I also have a 1988 Cherokee with a I6 too.. Haven't had a problem other than a little oil leakage.. Nothing too serious. 200k miles still going strong.

18th Jun 2009, 14:09

I have a 2000 Grand Cherkee Lardo with an I6 with a cracked head. Jeep really needs to stop their crap and help us. Thank god I can do all the work on it my self. I'm on my 3rd transmission. 4th set of front rotors, broken driver seat what next. 173,000 miles.

OK, here is the kicker!!! my 1987 XJ Jeep Cherokee 4x4 with 365,000 miles and the only thing I ever did was timing chains water pumps and 1 radiator. And I drove it in the mud every weekend. Oh yeah 1 start.

27th Jun 2009, 09:34

I own a 2000 JGC 4.0, 6 cyl. 2wd. Bought it in '07 with about 120k miles. after a few months I noticed it was losing coolant somewhere, never figured out where, but I had to add coolant every 2 weeks or so, slow leak. Some of that black pepper looking stop leak stuff took care of that.

Then I started noticing the low oil pressure thing, got worst over time to where it would drop to 20 at stop lights. One day while accelerating onto a highway the engine went clack, clack, clack.. I was able to drove it to a shop where it finally threw a piston and died. Replaced the engine with one from the junk yard.

That was around 30k miles ago since then I replaced the battery, starter and the steering damper. Was also having problems overheating which led to a leak in the radiator. Problem due to a faulty electric radiator cooling fan. Then checked the clutch fan and that was shot too.

My hazard and signal light relay went bad and took 2 days and 2 shops to locate where it is since it is buried in the drivers side under dashboard. Only dealer sells this stupid relay for about $50.

Okay as of today my problems are a small leak in the power steering hose. Tie rod ends need replacing. And there is a constant whirring noise coming from the front end. Oh and my drivers seat is broken.

But I still love my Jeep; I have had worse.

15th Jul 2009, 15:29

I have a 2000 Grand Cherokee 4.0/6 cylinder with 125,000 miles on it. Right now the car overheats when in traffic or when I'm idling for a only a few minutes. The other problem is the passenger side door doesn't lock/unlock, and makes a real loud sound when attempting to open/shut. Other than that it's been a real good car for the 50,000 miles I've put on it. Any suggestions on how to fix these problems? Do I need to replace the door actuator? Do I need to replace the thermostat or is it a relay problem? Any help is appreciated.

20th Jul 2009, 22:41

I have a 2000 Jeep Cherokee sport. 6 Cyl, 4.0L.

A year ago I was losing coolant out the bottom and had no idea where from. After a couple weeks the drop of coolant turned into a cup of coolant. I took it to the dealer and it was the freeze plugs rusted through. $1200 later the problem was fixed. They did a great job here in Mesa, AZ. I hope that helps someone.

OK now I am drawn to the boards because I am having what I think is an issue?

76,000 miles on vehicle. Gently driven and maintained. Engine cold and idling there is 42+PSI. After it warms drops to around 20+ PSI. Accelerate and pressure is back up to over 40 PSI. It was not this way before an oil change a week ago. So today I bought 10w-40 High Mileage Synthetic and threw in a quart of Slick Fifty as well. Plus I put in a new High Mileage FRAM oil filter. This filter is about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch larger than what the local quick change gas station had in there? So I am not sure if they had a suitable sub or just the wrong filter? Also the oil seemed a bit dark for only being a week or so old? Well the oil pressure seems to be dropping a bit after it is warmed up but not down to 20+ PSI it is now around 35 PSI. The HAYES manual says this is all within limits and is fine? What say you???

31st Jul 2009, 20:43

I own a 2000 JGC with 220,000 miles. This vehicle is hands down the best truck I have had. That being said, I do have most of the same problems everyone has been listing.

1. Coolant leaking into the oil system causing a nasty buildup

2. Oil pressure gauge reads 0 when warm and idle

3. Driver's door lock bad

4. Tail light problems now and again.

I bought this truck with 180,000 for $1000, I've been driving it for 3 years, it just works good.

Really, the only problem I see is the coolant leaking into the oil, which I am assuming clogged the sending unit tube for the gauge. I bought this because my last JC 4.0 had like 260,000 miles and I know these motors are wicked durable.

It's sad to see this thread, I never imagined there would be this many unhappy Jeep customers.

4th Aug 2009, 06:31

Another unhappy 2k JGC owner... 148k on this car, and all of the exact same problems as stated by all of these unhappy owners.

SHAME ON CHRYSLER... LET'S BAND TOGETHER! FILE A COMPLAINT @ http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/ivoq/index.cfm

27th Aug 2009, 12:04

Hello everyone,

I have a 2000 JGC Laredo with the 4.0 I6.

I recently have been having a problem with low idle. I start the truck up, and as the engine gets warm, the idle starts to drop. It eventually gets around 500 rpm and is rough, as anything would be around 500. It then sputters and dies. If I have the AC on, it keeps the truck running, but not sure how long that will last.

Any suggestions?

Write to d.a.romney@gmail.com


30th Aug 2009, 13:55

I own a 2000 Jeep GCL with 108 miles. I am having some of the same problems listed by others.

The specific problem I am having now is the vehicle overheats! No coolant loss. I have changed the thermostat twice in the last 7 days with no luck. What I have noticed is the top radiator hose is ROCK hard as it begins to get into the overheating zone. It seems like there is a blockage in the thermostat housing. I was told that it needs to be bled for an air pocket. I have removed the temp sensor on the thermostat housing and flushed it out. Still no luck; still overheating. Any suggestions?