6th Jun 2015, 20:32

Bought a 2000 JGC from a dealer in 2003 and it's been a great vehicle, never had any major problems and most of the minor problems are easy fixes; figured I'd pass along what I've learned to help anyone who comes across it. I'm not a professional mechanic; these are fixes I've found researching online and via other Jeep owners.

Tail lights: could be several things. Inside the light assembly where the sockets screw in, there are tabs that sometimes don't connect with their corresponding tab on the bulb mount. Using a small screwdriver, pry them up very gently until they are above the plastic housing so that they make good contact with the bulb mount. Also be aware that tightening the bulb mount all the way may misalign the tabs. I used a marker to mark where the tabs were and lined up the marks: no problems with the lights since. I've also heard that shorts can occur with the ground, which is behind the front passenger headlamp (this is via my brother-in-law who is another avid Jeeper).

Slipping transmission: Low fluid. Jeeps need to be at operating temperature on level ground with the engine running to accurately check the fluid (which a lot of mechanics/oil change specialists aren't aware of). I put a little over a quart in mine and it works fine. Where the fluid goes is another matter; my leak is a bad seal/washer at the front of the transmission, but it's so slow I'm not too concerned.

Engine turns off when hot: Mine was the transmission position sensor (replaced twice). The part itself isn't that expensive (less than $100 online last time I looked), but unless you have the right equipment it's almost impossible to install yourself. The two times I've had mine fixed labor was about $200 if I remember correctly. Not ideal, but when your motor runs reliably it's worth it.

I am very happy with my Jeep and will likely buy another one when this one finally bites the dust. Good luck to everyone!

9th Mar 2016, 21:32

You wouldn't happen to know what fan and clutch you used would you?

11th Oct 2016, 15:15

My 2000 Jeep overheated. Got someone to look at it. I needed to replace the radiator cap and went ahead and changed the thermostat, and it was still overheating, so the next thing I replaced was the radiator fan relay switch and that fixed the problem... But now 2 months later I hear a tapping/knocking sound under the hood. What can it be? I do need a oil change. I'm close to 400 miles over the service date and the knocking sound didn't come till after the mileage I needed changing.

11th Oct 2016, 18:50

Maybe the oil level is low. You also ran the car hot; not sure how long. A trick I have done on old cars is to run the heater when in traffic to cool it down. My newer cars with 2 electric fans I run the air. Kicks on fan 2. It's smart to flush coolant ahead of schedule, especially ones with Dexcool.