17th Nov 2007, 18:46

I am serious about the recall on the 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Right now, I am out of a car because the thing started overheating. If anyone wants to call Chrysler because of all the problems with this car please contact me.

Email address is scmartin6@aol.com.


20th Nov 2007, 15:22

Oh No... what did I just get myself into. I just bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee (November 9th). This is the first car I have ever had to buy. I don't have a lot of money and I also financed it. I'm REALLY hope mine will be a good one.

21st Nov 2007, 13:47

Don't count on it getting any better. I have a 2000 GCG and have the same problems with overheating. Had a new water pump, fan motor, radiator and now a new radiator hose being installed. I have spent more on repairs on this overheating problem than anyone can imagine. Something needs to be done and it is still overheating. All these repairs in the last year. Has 120,000 miles. All problems relate to overheating. Now having problems with the transmission. If anyone out there has any suggestions PLEASE I cannot afford more repairs.

25th Nov 2007, 23:23

Hello All. My mom has a 2000 GGC with the I6 motor. When she would stop the oil gage would drop to 0 and the check gages light would come on, but when you accelerated, it would go back up to 40.

I took off the oil pressure switch and found it had oil on the actual plug, so I knew it was bad. I replaced it (50 bucks) and the gage now reads 42 all the time.

Thank goodness that's all it was... I hope this helps someone.

28th Nov 2007, 23:05

I too have a 2000 GC and have all of the symptoms. Door acuator, overheating, transmissions slippage (or not wanting to shift at times), tail lights, cooling, heating (or lack of), and I have to stop listing them because I just get mad thinking about it. I have filed a complaint with the National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA). Maybe if enough complaints get filed, they will look into it, I doubt it, but you never know.

Go here: http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/ivoq/index.cfm.

29th Nov 2007, 22:19

I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee 2000. It has 106,000 miles. It has had a lot of problems over the years, but I had an excellent warranty so I lived with it. That warranty is now expired. My jeep has had problems with the tail lights and have had to replace both assembly units completely. I had both door electronic door locks replaced, as well as a problem with the key assembly on the steering wheel, which locked and I was unable to start the car at all. That time I had to be towed in on a wrecker because the steering wheel was locked, and therefore the wheels were too. I have had at least four major oil leaks repaired, and most recently, I had the fuel pump replaced due to a cool leak. That was three months ago, and the coolant light has just come on again. As a side note, the driver's side seat electronics stopped working, and that had to be replaced in order to adjust the seat. I promised myself I would sell the car before the warranty expired, but I didn't, and I very much regret it.

3rd Dec 2007, 16:35

I have a 2000 Grand Cherokee and have had the motor go out, and had to replace my radiator. I'm also am now having problems with the transmission.

I bought my Jeep with 137,000 miles on it and have had one problem after another.

The 2000 Jeeps should be recalled. I agree.

9th Dec 2007, 21:10

Greetings, I too have a 2001 Grand Cherokee with 79,000 miles that’s losing antifreeze not visibly causing the “low coolant” lamp and after warming the oil pressure drops causing “check engine” lamp to appear. I’ve never seen any abnormal gauge readings, but I have noticed for sometime steam coming out of my hood once the engine warmed. I mentioned this to my local (neighbor) repair guy, he had no answer.

Two trusted local mechanics both said “sell it”, sell your problem to someone else, I said that’s not me. They both said “they did it to you”.

After reading all these similar comments I too believe these engines are flawed, but getting anything out of Chrysler would be shocking.

11th Dec 2007, 18:34

I own a 2000 jgc with 140,000 miles, with all of the same problems you all have spoken of (door locks, key won't turn, radiator, and the mother of all the tranny). This one in particular worries me is the tranny. Almost 3 years ago I had it rebuilt and it was fine for 6 months ($700). Then it started again and that was two years ago. It stops when the engine heats up, and my mechanic said the Torque converter leaks pressure. So when the engine is warm it shifts fine. I want to fix it, but I'm not sure its worth the money.

20th Dec 2007, 20:28

I have a 2000 jeep grand cherokee and I have 173,000 miles. I have had to replace the water pump twice. I have had the fan problem, the fan now runs constantly, it is suppose to run intermittenly. I cannot find the problem. The check engine light is on constantly, despite having a tech. check it for me.

7th Jan 2008, 17:32

I too have a 2000 Grand Cherokee Laredo 99,969 miles. The low coolant issue is where I'm at now, after already fixing most all of the other issues people have had on this site. I have to fill the overflow bottle every other day and I never see where it's leaking from. The car does not overheat either.

The mechanic said I need a new water pump and fan clutch. He showed me where it was loose and he could rock it back and forth. Said it would most likely get sheared off any day now and leave me stranded.

That sounds reasonable to me. Did anyone else have these repairs and did it fix the problem?

11th Jan 2008, 20:29

I agree this vehicle should be recalled.

The taillights are a problem and I have replaced the units on both sides, not the bulbs, but both.

I recently had the water pump go out and the cost is around $500-700 dollars. Also I used water for a few weeks and it never ran hot, but now my car sounds like a diesel engine.

The problem with your car just stopping and not able to start is the relay switch, which is located under hood in the fuse box. Replace that yourself, the relay switch cost $13.00, at the dealer it cost nearly $170.00.

19th Jan 2008, 16:37

I own a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Classic with the 4.0 six. Bought from a Chrysler dealer with 46,000 miles. 5 years ago. First replaced a leaking radiator under 30 day warranty. Next had the head replaced for a crack at 66K, was losing coolant with no trace. Next was coolant overflow tank overflowing, changed head gasket, no change. Drained coolant and ran plain water, the water disappeared needing filled weekly. I then put a 3 ounce bottle of fluorescent dye into the water and drove it a short distance to warm it up. I took the spark plugs out and found cylinder #2 had fluorescent dye water on top of the piston. Pulled the head off again (cracked at the exhaust guide) and replaced it with a used head with a 1 year 20,000 mile warranty. Drove it 500 miles and now the head has a large crack across the top between #3 and #4. I'll buy a new head and sell the Jeep. I'm sick of it!! The testing I did showed that if it is cracked in an exhaust port and pressure tested cold, it will hold pressure. Warm it up and the pressure will drop 5 lbs within 10 minutes. The latest crack across the top is the most common, (losing coolant? take the oil filler cap off and look down, the crack is right there.) A new head, a lower temp thermostat, (the original is 195 degree, which was done by Chrysler to increase mileage) and it should go for awhile.