24th Jul 2006, 00:47

There is no such thing as the Jeep Corporation, you're talking about DaimlerChrysler.

29th Jul 2006, 16:15

I bought a Grand Cherokee Jeep Laredo, 2005. Within a month of buying we noticed water on carpet, front and rear. Took it to dealer and they sent it to have it repaired. Same problem again after any rains. Back to dealer, same routine. Problem repeats. Water puddle on carpet. Seem like they cannot find the leaks and I do not know what they are repairing each time. I have never had this problem with any other manufacturer's vehicles. Does one have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the leak? Jeep and Chrysler need to resolve their basic manufacturing skills if they want consumers who buy their products at great cost to be able to use the vehicles. Any-one with a solution to this leaking problem please advise.

13th Aug 2006, 20:24

I have a 2002 Grand Cherokee and I had the same leaking problem. I simply attached a 4 inch piece of tubing to the 1 inch plastic drain line. This stopped the water from running back into the floor of the Jeep. An easy fix!

21st Aug 2006, 13:24

In reply to August 4, 2006 post, thanks. Took it back to dealer. The Jeep Grand Cherokee spent 7 days with them. Came back. Water problem continues. Very frustrating that Daimler Chrysler has no solution except groping in the dark. I had the impression that Germans were good at engineering, but Daimler Chrysler experience has been any-thing but poor technical abilities. I think they need to learn basics before they make claims about their automobile engineering skills. Very poor company with no solution in sight.

25th Sep 2006, 14:52

My 2000 Cherokee had the famous A/C condensation leak on the passenger side. Based on a previous comment in this thread I found the 1"-1.5" drain tube that extends through the firewall back into the engine compartment. Kind of low and I had to stand on a stool to reach the tube. I attached a 10" piece of radiator hose (5/8 inch inner dia) with a small hose clamp and it also stopped my leak. Not sure I understand why it worked (combination of surface tension and gravity I suppose) but it did stop the leak.

Thanks for the help, good forum.

18th Aug 2007, 13:24

I too have this leak. I own a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I just spent the $325.00 it costs to replace the air conditioner compressor, to find out that I have this leak. Where exactly is this little tube at? Is it in the engine compartment or in the passenger compartment. Let me know please. Email me at mlewis5726@yahoo.com. Thanks.

7th Jul 2010, 20:24

I have had the same problem with my 1995 Grand Cherokee 4x4.

The air system was leaking on the carpet. It's a 10 min fix:

Find the air box on the passenger side.

Drill a small 1/8 hole just in front of the tube through the air box. Stuff a small wire through the tube. Then it will be clear of the object that is in the drain tube.

Then dab some silicone over the hole in air box.

That's all folks!

Worked for me.