29th Apr 2007, 00:15

My 1998 GCL has been a great car to drive and it has been perfectly maintained. AT 175K on my 5.9L V-8 still no oil burn, but getting plagued with other surprises like the car starting on it's own without a key in the ignition and no one around. Thought it was a bad battery until my son caught it starting on it's own. Other little issues already reported like driver's window not going up and back gate not opening are now becoming big issues. Afraid my Marilyn of a car is turning into the infamous Cristine!

20th Jun 2010, 22:09

I have a 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, and if I don't drive my car for two days or a long amount of time, my battery drains, and I have to get jump started. It happens often, and I'm sick of it. Other than that, just minor repairs and gas.

2nd Nov 2010, 19:46

I have a '98 Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4 with almost 200,000 miles! I would drive it anywhere with no fear of a break down! I did rebuild the transmission last year, but besides that, no problems besides just regular maintenance!! It isn't the best on gas, but the money I save on car payments makes it well worth while!! I love it, and have no plans on ever giving it up!!

6th Nov 2010, 10:04

My 98 Gray Grand Cherokee Limited. Has been a pretty solid vehicle. I am a car dealer and know cars very well. I bought my 5.2 GCL 2 wheel drive, at a car auction in Norwalk, Calif for $10,500 dollars in 2002.. with 66 thousand miles on it when purchased.


My water pump went out twice at 80,000 miles and 125,000 miles. Water pump jobs only cost about $130.00, so not bad..

Those Infinity speakers are all blown except the front right speaker. When I was younger, I simply would have got all new after market speakers. Now I just put the dial on the one speaker and it still sounds good. The original radio and CD player still works great.

While driving, the interior lights would click on and off, which drove me nuts. I realized that pressure from my left leg on the door made it happen more. Turns out it came from a loose wire on the switch that triggers the lights to come on when you open the door. I simply took the switch out and made sure the connection was good, and now no more problems there.

I changed my radiator at 140,000; no big deal. Tuneups, brakes, all normal. My 5.2 liter engine is responsive and powerful. It will drink plenty gas, but it's paid for and I like the power when I need it. It will go 90-100 miles per hr all the way to Vegas with no problem. I even drove to Atlanta 2,600 miles pulling a double wheel u-haul loaded with nearly 3-4,000 pounds and that Cherokee Ran fine. Never overheated.. And I did it again coming back home 2 yrs later.

Drivers side heated seat no longer works. Electric mirrors that adjust to the driver when you get in never seem to adjust to my setting, but that's OK. Moon roof works great no leaks.

AC went out in 09.. Had some lines changed and had it charged, but a faulty valve that keeps the AC from leaking out keeps failing, so I keep bringing it back to the guy, and he keeps changing it. Right now my AC is cold.

I changed my rear end oil because some of the older Cherokee's had rear end issues. Mine is fine.

My car use to stall when going like 5 miles an hour. I put a brand new battery in it and that stalling stopped.

I always change my transmission fluid every 12 months or 10,000 miles.. I thought my trans was about to go out at about 120,000 MILES.. But after putting in fresh clean transmission fluid that morning, the slipping stopped..

My tensioner, that is part of my serpentine belt that goes around the water pump and turns the fan, completely froze and broke. It was only 100 or so dollars to repair, but thank god that did not happen while in Vegas the week before. If that belt is not turning, that engine will overheat in about 10 minutes..

My headliner is starting to go out on the edges, and that's expected on a 13 yr old car.

My Cherokee has been a great reliable car. My black leather interior is comfortable, and all electricals are still working great. I now have 158,000 miles and I have seen these cars do 250,000 miles. I change my oil every 3-5,000 miles, and I really want to see just how far this Chrysler 5.2 engine will go with fresh oil changes done every 3-5,000 miles.

I am very pleased with my Grand Cherokee Limited 5.2.. This car was $30,0000 dollars when it was new.. So $10.500 was a steal back when I got it. It was only 4 yrs old..

8th Nov 2010, 15:41

I have a 1998 Grand Cherokee that we purchased used in 2000 with 50K.

It has been through the wife and FOUR daughters, and believe me, while none of my girls are abusive to equipment, they certainly leaned on Dad to tend to things. Camping trips, missed oil changes, running on flat tires, and the usual "Dad, the Jeep's been making a funny noise for about two weeks now" (tensioner pulley).

It now has 254,000 on the clock, gets 17-18 MPG with mixed driving (4.0 six/auto). I use it to run back and forth to work. The lockup is a little balky when cold, the headliner is loose, the radio got stolen at a Dallas concert, one electric lock doesn't work, and it has a collection of scratches and dings.

We own four Jeeps and two Dodges. And if Jeep had offered a big SUV (Durango) and a 1 ton diesel (Dodge 3500) we'd have six.

28th Apr 2013, 19:45

14.5 to 15 MPG in town? Are you sure it's really a 5.9 Limited? Mine gets 10 MPG in town!