1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD 5.9 V8 from North America


Tough as nails


Viscous coupler in the transfer case went out due to running mismatched tire sizes (spare was larger than stock). This is a common occurrence with the 249 TC and I got a great deal on a rebuild from transfercases.com... The other option is to swap in a 247 TC, but I prefer to stick with stock.

Front drive-shaft was about to go out at 105k. The front CV joint was showing wear and causing vibration under load. Got a new DS from thrashdriveshaft dot com for WAY cheaper than what the dealer was offering. This build replaced the front CV joint with a u-joint.

The speakers were blown when I bought it. That gave me an excuse to rebuild the entire system... so I was actually not bothered at all by the inconvenience :)

The front brake rotors were warped when purchased (another common occurrence). I upgraded to vented Brembo discs all around, with Hawk HPS pads. She now stops on a dime.

Heated seats don't work. I live in California... what do I need heated seats for? Not planning to fix them.

General Comments:

I previously owned a 93 Grand Cherokee Limited... and it was bullet proof. I drove it hard and it never gave me a single problem. Let's just say I am officially a Jeepophile now.

Ever since I sat in a 5.9, I knew that it was a vehicle I NEEDED to own. When I had a chance to purchase, let's just say I jumped at the opportunity!

So far the only issues I have had were all pretty standard issue (besides the VC that I caused to fail). If you are buying a 10 year old vehicle, repairs/upgrades are most certainly in order.

This Jeep has not let me down yet, and I plan on taking it over 200k.

I have done the following upgrades:

>> New speakers & amps all around (the 5.9 comes with a sound-bar, which really helps with the acoustics, and I also installed a JL Audio Stealthbox (highly recommended)).

>> New Brembo brake rotors & pads.

>> New MX-6 adjustable shocks all the way around.

>> New ignition setup (Magnecor wires, MSD coil, brass cap, etc).

>> Set of 20" rims wrapped in 265, 45, 20 Proxes ST's.

>> Mopar Performance ECU.

I love this ride and recommend it to anyone who likes the Grand Cherokee. Just don't expect it to be problem free... as it is an OLD model nowadays. If you want to put some money into it though, this is THE Jeep to own (other than the SRT).

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Review Date: 13th September, 2007

8th Apr 2008, 18:17

LOVE LOVE LOVE my 5.9, even with the premium gas. Working on 225,000! Had your usual maintenance issues, but I'm headed for 300,000!

28th Apr 2009, 11:18

I've got a 5.9 Jeep. I have the same problem with the heated seats, only one works.

Replaced the transfer case and power steering pump, got 300.000 km on my Jeep and still no rust anywhere on the body of the Jeep.

The engine still works perfect, not too many people know about the power or durability of the 5.9 Jeep Limited 1998. I used to never like Chrysler's until I drove this Jeep.

1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 5.9L from North America




The metal around the sunroof got rusty a little, but I guess that's okay for a 98 model any car.

Pretty good car, but be careful at high speeds, lots of danger to roll over.

General Comments:

Absolutely love my vehicle. Even if they give me a Ferrari now, I won't even deal to give up my 5.9L. Absolutely love it. Great great performance for a SUV. Pretty reliable car. Makes you famous in the city :D drives like a train coming towards you and I love it. (sound is huge) Interior is comfortable also. This is the greatest car Jeep has manufactured up to now and one of the best SUVs of all time.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2007