1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 6-Cylinder from North America


Great American SUV


12-Disc Changer hardly ever works (but that's not factory so I don't really know if it counts or not)

Some routine stuff.

General Comments:

This is my family's second Jeep (our first was an '89 Cherokee), and it is a great one. It is black with a dark gray interior. It has a good 6-cylinder engine. It is very sharp looking. Gets about the same mileage as my Honda Accord (!) but costs more at the pump because of the bigger tank. But don't let that stop you from getting one. It's a great vehicle, ours has 146K miles on it and is still going strong. Has great 4-wheel drive and is ideal in bad weather. It is also very roomy. We recently took it on a trip to Ohio and, for the most part, it worked very well.

If you need an SUV then I would definitely recommend a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2004

1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo V6 from North America


Great Vehicle


For the time being I had the Jeep nothing went wrong.

I bought the car from a private seller for $7800. It was very well maintained.

I owned it almost a year before I was hit at a stop light and it was totaled.

I have owned 2 Jeeps and been in 2 bad wrecks one deadly and I came out with only bumps and bruises.

In a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee I was hit on the passenger side, which flipped my jeep. The only thing was I could not release my seat belt so I was stuck until someone helped me.

I was rear-ended at a stop light by a girl going about 30 and the Jeep held up great on the outside,but ended up being totaled.

I am very happy with the performance and everything else about the car.

General Comments:

The car is great! I would never buy another brand.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2004

1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 from North America


Has been good for me for 150,000 miles


The major problem I have had is the vagueness of the steering. This was inspected many times without finding anything wrong. I had always used the Goodyear tires and when I switched to Bridgestones the problem went away. No more Goodyears for me.

The transmission has been serviced regularly and works fine most of the time except that sometimes it feels like the speed sensor is not working properly.

General Comments:

On the whole the vehicle has been very reliable. The service costs seem very high, but there is not much alternative. Reliability seems to a function of following the service requirements.

I like the comfort and the higher driving position. I also tow an enclosed trailer for which the 4.0 is marginal on power. I switch off the overdrive for towing.

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Review Date: 12th April, 2004

1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 5.9L from North America


Great performer, but a maintenance nightmare


Front differential was bad when I bought the car.

Air conditioner and digital air conditioning controls were faulty as well.

2 new oxygen sensors at 65,000 miles.

New transmission around 62,000.

Front axle bent one day for no apparent reason.

I have had to replace the brakes and calipers and rotors three times.

Replaced rear differential also.

Seat heaters never worked.

Just recently, today actually, a gasket on the rear driver caliper blew open and sprayed brake fluid all over the wheel and body.

The power-steering pump cracked and leaked power-steering fluid all over the engine.

The transfer case bearings are about to go out and I will soon have to replace the transfer case.

General Comments:

This car is very fast and responsive, however it guzzles gas and refuses to run smoothly on anything less than premium.

The seats are incredibly comfortable.

Great off-road performance in mud.

Poor electrical system.

Used ones today are a bargain, selling for about $9,000.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2004

1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee TSi 5.2L V8 from North America


Great for four years, expensive to keep after that.


Sunroof not correctly assembled from factory.

Front brakes replaced under recall.

Front sway bar links replaced at 54,000 miles.

Driver's heated seat repaired at 61,800 miles and again at 87,000 miles.

Shifter recall for detent addition.

CV boots leaking at 65,000 miles.

Transfer case seals and bearings replaced at 65,000 miles.

Rear differential rebuilt at 78,500 miles.

Air Conditioner EVAP unit replaced at 80,240 miles.

Viscous clutch failed at 82,000 miles.

Transmission rebuilt at 87,000 miles.

Water pump replaced at 87,850 miles.

General Comments:

Generally reliable most of its life until the last six months. Never taken off road, good performance on wet roads. Carries four people and a good amount of stuff with ease. Lack of driveline reliability a major disappointment.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2004