1978 Jeep J10 Golden Eagle AMC 360 from North America


Best truck ever made thank you AMC


The engine knocked.

The carburator leaked.

It was just worn out beat up old farm truck.

General Comments:

Tough truck hauls anything and also go through anything. I bough the truck for $500 dollars from a farmer who abused it, but, H ave to say wow the 4x4 (Qudra-trac) works perfect, starts every time. Its been through a lot and I still wouldn't trade it for any thing. The truck is just a beast, but, gets bad gas mileage.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2005

16th Apr 2006, 17:28

I have to agree with you, I own a 78 Golden Eagle quadra-trac V-8 automatic, 4" lift with 33's and I love it. I out-climb all my buddies and their jeeps and FJ's, I even get through the soft sand better than they do, as for the bad mileage I agree, but it's well worth it for this vehicle.

30th May 2007, 11:52

I agree that the '78 J10 is one heck of a truck. I still have my '78 Golden Eagle bought new. Now with 139K miles. Mine has the 360 with 3 speed manual transmission. I get about 10 mpg loaded to the hilt, 10 mpg running empty, or 10 mpg coasting downhill with the engine off! This truck has been through it with me...farmed, ranching, towing boats and cars. It still runs great and I still love it. It also has the Levi package and I have a 6 ton wench on the front. There has never been a tougher truck built in my opinion.

23rd Jun 2007, 23:18

I recently purchased a '78 J10 Levi Strauss edition. It has all the Levi buttons on the door panels and seat. Really cool. I do need a number of things for it to fully restore it back to the best original standards as possible. Any help would be highly appreciated. I still cannot believe as to just how much power there is in that 360. The quad is aw-some. It'll go in and out of anything. Definitely a keeper.

29th Dec 2007, 21:30

I have a 77 j-10 I would like to sell needs carb kit and battery I can get it to run with some fiddling debating on letting go for scrap hate to do it call 828-389-8725.

1982 Jeep J10 360c.i. from North America


The best truck ever built


The Carter BBD carburetor was problematic.

The 258 motor tends to leak oil due to a plastic valve cover. Purchase an aftermarket aluminum cast cover to cure the problem.

I chose to switch to a V8 motor. The AMC 360 is a good performer and able to provide 100's of thousands of miles of service.

General Comments:

Tougher than Ford, Chevy, Dodge, or any of the truck wannabees from across the ocean. The Jeep J series was the finest American truck ever built and I'm lucky to have one. Get one if you can!

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Review Date: 7th April, 2005

9th Oct 2005, 06:19

Who cares? about 0-60 times? I owned an 80 J-10 that looked as bad as your grandmother and could pull stumps, run through 8 inches of mud, plow through snow and never get stuck, and still get 18 MPG. I'd buy another in a heartbeat.


2nd Nov 2005, 21:32

Hey, I have gotten a 1977 Jeep J10. I have dropped a AMC 360 in it, and am happy as I could ever be. In my eyes it's the best truck I have ever driven. Now it sits with almost new everything; inside the cab is all original, and it is lifted 6 inches. It still has some rust spots the size of dimes on the wheel wells, but that will be gone soon, and it will be fully restored. Perfect for a first truck. Glad to hear some other Jeep fans.

Forever King Spoon.

1984 Jeep J10 Laredo 5.9L AMC 360 V8 from North America


The toughest truck ever made, nothing beats this Jeep


Fuel sending unit has gone out.

Rear end rebuilt.

Oil leak, very slow, but noticeable at current mileage.

Fuel economy very poor. After market 4bbl Edelbrock 600cfm carburetor and manifold gets 14 miles per gallon.

General Comments:

Outstanding 4x4 truck. A pleasure to drive on and off-road. You just can't tear these things up. I recently had a wreck in mine and flipped it into a ditch. It crushed the cab and broke the transmission and motor mounts. Replaced those, save for the body work, and she runs fine.

I've got a 8" lift and Yokohama Super Digger 32x11.5R15 tires, along with an Edelbrock Performer Series 4bbl manifold and Q-Jet 600cfm carburator on it now, and it'll get up and go. There's nothing in this world I'd trade for this truck, she'll be my Grandkids someday and still be climbing hills.

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Review Date: 18th November, 2003