1981 Jeep J10 Step-side 360 from North America


Bad to the bone


Fuel lines' metal and rubber rotted, due to sitting.

General Comments:

Jeeps are awesome! The J10 I love more than my wife; every time I drive it, I feel like I'm in a parade, with people waving me down "what is that HONCHO?" I've never seen one etc.

Plenty of power, I can drive it with one finger. Turns on a dime, and I can pin you to the seat at take off. It has a Motorcraft 2150 2 bbl jetted pushing 575-600CFM. I haven't hooked to anything that it wouldn't pull, so far that is.

I'm the second owner. I wouldn't sell it for $20 grand.


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Review Date: 1st November, 2015

1st Nov 2015, 17:16

Only 70 miles on it when you got it 19 years after it was built?

Definitely was "sitting"--why?

1978 Jeep J10 4.2 liter 258 straight 6 from North America


This truck is amazing!


When I got the truck, it had a bad water pump, the seats were torn up, and it had a wooden bed that was completely rotted through. Also, it had been painted Sea Green by its previous owner.

General Comments:

Now that I've painted it and replaced the bed and the water pump, it runs like it's almost new.

The 4 wheel drive is great and the truck is so reliable it's not even funny.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2008

6th Feb 2017, 18:50

About how much would it cost to restore the same kind of vehicle if it's been sitting without a start for about 5-6 years?

1981 Jeep J10 from North America


I have owned a 1981 Jeep J10 since 1981. He has the 258 with Auto-Transmission. I put a winch and an 8 foot Meyers plow on him. The only problem I have ever had was at 110,000 I had to replace the transmission. This was after about 7 years of plowing snow every winter. Some winters we have had accumulations of more than 20 feet of snow. Thats a lot of plowing. I would never sell this guy, he is a very reliable, hard working truck. I think after this winter I will retire him from his many years of hard work and take him home from the mountains and back to the farm. I will use him for running errands on the farm. The Jeep J10 Pick-up is one good work truck. Besides that, I think the J-10 is also a very reliable truck and in my opinion a Good-looking truck as well.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2007

9th May 2009, 09:34

I will have to strongly agree with you. I have 1980 J10, and I am very hard on it when I go mudding. It seems, the harder I am the better it runs... Now mind you that the truck has set for about 6to8 years... Then one day I decided to start driving it. So I stuck a battery in it and poured some gas in the carb... Been driving it every since... It has amazed me and it is only going to get better with the plans I have...

29th Sep 2015, 13:33

Mine is now running after sitting for 23 years. Mechanic picked it up on his flatbed and brought it to his shop. Fresh gas, oil, gas in the carb, and she fired right up! It hadn't been started since 1992.

Update 11/14/15: Just got it back from mechanic. It has an all new gas tank, radiator, brakes, brake lines, master cylinder, tranny lines, exhaust system, wheels, tires, etc. She is running strong.

1977 Jeep J10 360 from North America


The toughest, coolest piece of 4x4 history one could ever own!


The price of quadra-trac fluid, and the external oil pump housings tend to crack over time.

General Comments:

The drive train will last forever if properly cared for, even with wheeling trips. It is capable of things that no full size pickup should be able to do!

My J-10 has the AMC 360, TH400 tranny, Quadra-trac, Dana 44's, about 8" of lift (front spring over, rear blocks, and 4" lift springs) 35" tires, B&M ratchet shifter, push bar, front and rear tubed bumpers, Edelbrock performer package, K&N filter, the list goes on...

Too much fun to drive, and definitely a unique vehicle. I have never seen a pickup get looks like this one does, and it's a long way from being done. I wish there were more of these on the road, and less rusting away in people's back yards.

Tight turning radius, will tow anything, climb anything, and look good doing it.

The J-series are a rare piece of history, and whether you modify it or restore it, it will be beautiful and be appreciated where ever you go.

And if you are looking for economy from a Jeep, I suggest you go check out the XJ instead. Long live classic Jeeps!

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Review Date: 13th February, 2006

10th Oct 2007, 03:04

We have a 76 j10, Jeep should reconsider these and make new ones. It's a tank I love going mudding and never worrying about getting stuck, so cool! We're usually pulling others out so everyone loves when we go. It's in the process of getting redone, the bed is rusted bad, having a hard time finding one, my husband is just going to make one himself. There never was or will be another truck as good as these ones.

Jeep girls love to do it in the mud! :P.

25th Oct 2008, 16:52

I just got a 77' J10 and its in great condition and is my first actual vehicle I got myself. Its awesome, and I hope to deck it out kind-of like the one listed, but has a long way to go.

10th Feb 2009, 22:18

I bought a 79 j10 2 yrs ago. 360, 4 speed, 4:56 gears. It is a lot of fun to drive and will drive right past a Chevy that is stuck, turn around then pull it out. I have had it in a lot, and never been stuck.

The only problem I have is it is worn out. Doors fly open sometimes if you hit a big bump. I must say that is the toughest vehicle I have ever owned. I can pull anything with the jeep. Just wish I could get better gas mileage. I wish I could have driven one when they were brand new.

14th Jul 2010, 00:43

I've got a 77 Jeep J10 with a 360 that was passed down to me by my father and was passed down to him by his father. There is a little rust, and I wish that parts for this beast were easier to find. It has been in three major wrecks and you can't even tell. It's an extremely reliable truck and has never left me stranded. I love going mudding in it and have never gotten stuck. The muddier the truck is the better it looks. My father put glass packs on it quite a few years ago and you can hear it coming from a mile away. Her name is Big Blue Bertha, and she is most definitely all beast. No matter what I will never get rid of her.