15th Dec 2008, 19:53

I own a 2006 and it has horrific gas mileage, but aside from that I like it. It handles well, turns well, has good visibility etc. Anyway this is probably just a troll...

25th Mar 2009, 22:11

Wow, 210 Hp isn't enough? Not a true 4X4? I will agree with the not so luxurious part, I guess. I bought my Jeep Liberty to drive to work in the Colorado winter and to hit the trail when I am not working. It has never disappointed me and I will put the Liberty up against almost any stock 4X4. It has a STANDARD electronic stability platform and has never felt unsure or sloppy on any driving surface.

Luxury? Sorry, most of us who actually USE their 4X4s for off-pavement driving really aren't much concerned about luxury or impressing the Joneses. I guess power-everything, standard A/C, a great stereo, cruise control, 8-way power seat, remote keyless entry and a lifetime powertrain warranty for $19,000 - doesn't reek of luxury.

I am very happy with mine. Jeep is putting its money where its mouth is. "Luxury SUVs" are a dime a dozen, and they are the one usually parked just off the pavement where my fun begins.

24th Jun 2010, 03:27

I certainly understand what he is talking about. When compared to traditional vehicles with 4-low/4-high settings, the Jeep doesn't stand up, and 210 horse is only impressive if you don't look at what competitors offer in that same engine bracket. Honda 3.5, for example, comes in at 250.

24th Jun 2010, 16:55

The Liberty is a very capable SUV. Reliable? Maybe not so much. Capable? Very. I also agree that the Escape can't compare to the Liberty as far as off-road ability.

8th Oct 2011, 19:27

My 2007 Liberty Limited averages around 19 - 20 mpg (mixed driving) and gets 23-24 mpg on the highway - I can't complain about the fuel mileage as it is much better than my Wranglers ever got. For some reason it seems to be better than my 2004 Liberty as well - perhaps the minor changes in the front end styling after the 2004 model year improved the aerodynamics and lowered the drag coefficient a bit.

3rd Nov 2011, 16:48

The more I read this review, the more I feel it is way off the mark. Yes, this is the writer's opinion, but the Liberty Limited is one the best 4x4 values on the market, and a very capable off roader. As far as "luxurious" - it's as "luxurious" as you would ever need an off-road capable SUV to be. Add to that the Ford Escape comment, and this review loses all credibility to me.

4th Dec 2011, 04:25

In this owners defense, REMEMBER they made 2 wheel drive Jeeps... so this guy got the tall fat CAR he paid for, and now he's bitter... Hell, if my Cherokee were to befall an accident, rendering its front axle useless, I'd be a little upset... But then, I'd still be pulling Monteros out of the snow! And all with my 4.0's puny 190hp!!

Horsepower means NOTHING if you can't get it to the ground! Jeep's been doing this better than anyone since 1942!! And at 6200rpms, you'll find Honda's 250hp USELESS off road! Offroad, torque IS king! Honda 3.5 = 177lb ft@4600, Chrysler 3.7 = 235lb ft @ 4000... Do a little research, torque is only one slice of the 4x4 pie. You'd be amazed at what you find out!

4th Jan 2013, 19:30

I just ignored the Honda 3.5 comment anyway, as Honda does not make an SUV that can compare to a Jeep anyway.

As far as transfer cases go - nobody, that's right NOBODY makes a better 4x4 than Jeep.

My personal preference is the Selec-Trac (with full-time capability) in my Liberty Limited, but I never had an issue with any of my Wranglers equipped with Command-Trac either.

As for those who do not think a Liberty is "luxurious" enough, I prefer a Limited over my wife's last 2 SUVs; a Lexus RX300 & a Saab 9-7x, both nice enough vehicles, but still not Jeeps. :) Oh, and their MSRP's were a good $10,000 more than my fully loaded Limited too.

8th Aug 2018, 04:49

My stock 185,000 km 2006 Liberty Limited has gotten me out of a serious off-road situation (steep uphill loose ground) that I didn't think I could get out of but it did, even with worn out Goodyear Wrangler four season tires.

The Liberty is a good value vehicle; not amongst the best in off-road capability, but surprisingly good if you know how to drive off-road. The body is quite strong.

I bought a second Liberty (2007) with low mileage.

The window mechanism is a serious problem on them, but I repair them myself with better quality parts.