22nd May 2010, 19:52

Okay I'm at 155004km now.

Libby is running great, but I noticed some fluid on the engine. I took the vehicle to local dealership.

Two days later they called me and told me I need an engine mount and transfer case seal replaced. Estimate $1007.

I guess they did check my vehicle status. I told them I had a warranty that should cover such repairs. The advisor said he would call me back. Two later he called back and said it was covered.

However now he advised me that my clutch was at 60% worn and would be $600 to replace. I said to him that if 60% lasted 8 years, 40% should give me another 5 years. He agreed and I declined.

They did a good job fixing the Libby.

I drove it for a week and the check engine light came on.

I have since took it to another dealership. They scanned the vehicle and told me I needed a oxygen sensor and a throttle body clean... $500.

Let's just say this is my last Jeep.

31st May 2010, 19:20

OK, so I purchased a the Goldstar warranty when I purchased this truck($1400). For the record it was worth it. Bumper to bumper for 7 years ($100 deductible after the first 3 years). This warranty also covered the paint. I had all 4 doors painted 4 years ago.

About 4 weeks ago I noticed rust growing in the areas around the door, and a rust bubble over the windshield. I took it to a Jeep dealer to have it taken care of.

Dealer called me and told me that the rust bubble above the windshield was going to have to come out of my pocket.

They said it was caused by the person who installed the windshield. I don't know how rust can crawl nine inches from the windshield to the roof, but that's what they claimed. They ignored the rest of the rust on my car and fixed nothing.

I went to another dealership for a second opinion. They took the Libby for a week, fixed everything now it looks great again.

I find these Chrysler dealerships are quick to fix things that aren't covered by a warranty, but drag their feet on warranty items.

3rd Jan 2011, 11:06

Well 158066 km now.

I took a trip to see my family on New Years Day. As I exited the highway, the temperature gauge spiked, then a huge puff of smoke and steam came out from under the hood. Everything locked up - power steering, brakes etc. Lucky I was off the highway. I pulled over and there was coolant pouring out from under the engine.

I took a cab home had it towed to the dealership.

Got a call back from them and they diagnosed that the water pump seized, thermostat is stuck and serpentine belt is damaged.

$1100.00 repair.