12th Mar 2011, 01:08

Although this could happen in the event of a lemon, I find it very difficult to believe that cylinder misfiring would blow head gaskets, not on an engine that has been proven reliable for over a decade. This sounds like people from the rag called Consumer Reports who take their hats off to any national anthem, other than that of the United States of America or Canada, in another attempt to substantiate their love of financial backing of their rag from Honda, Toyota, and Subaru. That magazine is NOT reports of consumers, that of which would be data from JD Power. It is the tests and opinions of their working and editorial staff!

I'm not saying the Jeep Liberty is a perfect vehicle. But, fact is that it is no better, nor NO WORSE than any other vehicle in its class, regardless of manufacturer or country it was manufactured in.

23rd Sep 2011, 13:04

We have a 2010 Liberty and love it. Consumer reports is a bunch of BS. They all favor foreign cars over domestic. They say it doesn't handle well on the road... It handles great for what it is, you aren't driving a Lamborghini, you are driving a JEEP! Jeeps aren't made to fly around corners with no body roll.

I took ours off road for the first time a few weeks ago, and was pretty impressed, she went through anything I threw at it within reason. I really like the fact of having a solid rear axle and a primarily rear wheel drive vehicle.

That sucks that you have had engine issues with yours.. none to speak of with ours, and how does engine issues make this an unsafe vehicle? That doesn't make any sense at all.. are you an ASE certified technician which enabled you to make that assumption? I am guessing not, just another opinion.

13th Nov 2012, 16:16

I am going through a very similar situation with Jeep at this time in reference to my Sky Slider on my 2010 Jeep Liberty. Chrysler Jeep has not answered any of my letters, refused to speak to me, and refuses to take ownership of the manufacturing defect. My Jeep was in the shop for 80 days before it was finally repaired. I had to rent a car, was told they would cover the rental, then the day I picked up the Jeep, was told "you should have borrowed a car from a friend". Jeep does not stand behind its product or its customers, and creates a culture of deception. This was my 2nd Jeep, and it will be my last. I hope you were able to sell yours!

14th Nov 2012, 13:17

I have owned 3 first generation Jeep Libertys, & found them to be exceptional compact SUVs, so much so that I wouldn't even consider another make at this time.

That being said, I can't imagine what it must be like to be given the shaft by a manufacturer, especially on a vehicle with less than 2,000 miles.

I am not a mechanic, so I cannot comment on what is happening to your Liberty, but it does seem weird that you report that the head gasket keeps blowing.

Hopefully your state has a "Lemon Law" and you were able to get satisfaction going that route.

As for Chrysler/Jeep - I'll keep driving them, as I have had pretty good luck with my 7 Chrysler products, but at the same time, I wouldn't buy a late model used one without an excellent extended warranty, but then I wouldn't buy any late model used vehicle without one.

29th May 2016, 18:20

My 2010 Liberty has not been perfect, but it's not really that bad either.

My problems so far:

1. The clock indeed loses time just like other owners claimed.

2. Half of my speedometer does not light up. Waited too long to take it to the shop. When I did, they told me the warranty had expired (by 3 days).

3. Mileage is indeed bad. Lucky to get 20 on the highway without A/C.

4. The other day, the car would not start, and the ignition chamber had to be replaced.

The car has currently 39K miles (don't drive it too much), but I am worried about long term reliability.

Why we keep it? The panoramic cloth sunroof is awesome. It's like having a convertible top with an SUV.

27th Apr 2017, 22:44

Do not buy this car. At around 40k, the sky slider just broke. It will not close all the way. 2 shops just insist that they want to change the whole roof at a cost of $2200. Insane!!! The cloth is perfect (it runs about $1000), but they insist on changing everything. Despite the fact that the part may be a track (around $100), they just claim that they want to change everything. Never, never again I will buy a Chrysler.

Lots and lots of people complain about the sky sliders not working well, breaking often; the costs are out of control. Extremely low quality.