6th Jun 2002, 11:26


I got my Jeep Liberty Sport about 6 weeks ago and love it! However, this last weekend, I suddenly did not have any power locks, headlights, speedometer/odometer, wipers or air conditioning. I took it in to the dealership and after testing it, they told me that it needed a new "multi-function switch". Unfortunately, that switch was back-ordered from Chrysler. Currently, I am driving the vehicle without all the systems mentioned above (obviously hoping for dry, sunny weather). Makes me wonder why the part is back-ordered...

19th Jun 2002, 16:31

Hi Mike,

I purchased my Liberty in Apr/02 (straight from the factory) and 6 weeks later the engine light came on, the Jeep started jerking and then the engine light started flashing. I managed to pull onto the side of the road before it stalled and had it towed to the dealership. They couldn't explain what was wrong. They just changed all the spark plugs and now it's fine. I was wondering what your dealership told you the problem was and how they fixed it?

10th Aug 2004, 11:20

Recently when adjusting the volume the CD player reset to the first track. Shortly after that the radio went completely out, no volume, but the display worked. After some playing with it the radio came back on. Then nothing. With the car off, key out, the display stayed on. I open the fuse box and removed and reinserted the fuse (10 amp in white holder) the display went off. Next day car started and the radio was fully functional again. Two days later, the radio stayed on with the CD drive spinning after the car was shut off. Any suggestions?

21st Feb 2005, 15:23

Hello! I have a Jeep Liberty 2002 Sport fully loaded (everything, but the leather seats and fog lights). I have had NO problems with it until the past two weeks - I have the light (driving at night) and all of a sudden the speedometer and all other inside lights (except on the radio) go out. About 5 to 15 minutes they "pop" back on. Any idea as to what the problem is?