23rd Mar 2004, 22:47

I have almost exactly the same problem with my Libby manual transmission. It has whining sound even a few days after buying it. Now it is back to the workshop again for the 4th time now. And I keep on hearing from them that nothing is wrong. They've overhauled transmission twice, overhauled front differential once, overhauled rear differential once also. I think I'm hearing now a chorus of different sounds (noise). A combination of 3 or 4 different noises. It become too annoying for me especially when driving in a city. The first, second & third gears have the worst whining noise. Also, just like your problem, every time I change gears I am hearing clacking sound from my rear differential. Does this guys know how to design differentials and transmission. They did a good job making their engines. Wake up Daimler Chrysler DO SOMETHING!!! But I still like driving it around it make heads turn. Design, suspension and power is great though. In fairness!

19th May 2004, 12:40

A few days ago my Liberty decided that it will not go into first gear!! I've had it in twice for a hard downshift from 2nd to 1st. The vehicle feels like the tranny drops and then kicks down. Its still does this, but stays in 2nd gear. Back to the dealer I go! :o (

17th Jun 2004, 12:18

Mine is doing the same things! Pulling to the right is the least of my problems, but the transmission issue is really bothering me. I've had it in four times, and they keep telling me they can't find anything wrong. The other day, I thought someone hit me from behind, but it was just the transmission acting jerky again! I'm getting really annoyed.

Oh, and my blower motor malfunctioned last week, so my A/C only worked on full blast. It's in the shop being fixed now... but they called and said they can't find anything wrong with the transmission!

22nd Jun 2007, 12:05

I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty Limited and it has been babied it since I drove it off the show room floor. Just got it out of the shop for the transmission. Would not shift into 3rd gear. Transmission shop I took it to said Jeep knows about this problem and corrected it in later models. I have 51000 miles on the Liberty and I bought it Sept 2001. It cost me $2605.10...Needless to say It will be the last Jeep I ever buy and will not recommend this vehicle to anyone should I be asked...

23rd Dec 2007, 12:10

Our 2wd Liberty made it to 98k miles without any service whatsoever. My mistake. I went to price a Tranny flush and filter replacement at the dealer and found out the service was recommended at 60k intervals. OOPS. I figured it would wait until after Christmas. Wrong! It stopped shifting into third and overdrive last night. We made it home in second gear at 40 mph with the hazard lights blinking all the way.

It is highly unlikely any decent shop will be open on Monday, Christmas Eve. I'll give an update after I spend whatever I have to to get it fixed. I hope just a flush will dislodge whatever debris may be affecting its ability to shift. If I am lucky.