2002 Jeep Liberty Limited 3.7 from North America


Nice, but has first year bugs


Body control module went out. The symptoms were numerous and included no headlights, speedometer, air conditioning, power locks, overhead console, or horn.

General Comments:

We were happy with the car and hope that this is a fluke, but found out that one other Liberty that was sold by the dealership also had the same problem. This leads me to believe that it is a manufacturing problem and not just a fluke. Hopefully the replacement part will not have the same problem. The parts guy said that the parts are in short supply which also makes me wonder if this is not a widespread problem. Overall, we like the car and are hoping that this will be the only problem, but you would like a car to at least get to its first oil change before it spends a week in the shop.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2002

2002 Jeep Liberty Sport 6cl from North America


A great looking SUV... bad transmission?!?


Cruise control did not work.

Pulling to the right noticed at 500 miles.

Slipping in transmission-jerky gear shift whether accelerating or decelerating.

Creaking sound when taking out of park... especially when putting in reverse.

General Comments:

When I had about 100 miles on my Jeep, I noticed the cruise control didn't work... It ended up being a simple problem, but the dealership didn't put my dash back together correctly, so that was a 2nd trip to the dealership.

It is currently in the shop for the transmission problems.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2002

23rd Feb 2004, 09:21

I have had my jeep liberty taken to the service department no less than 4 times for transmission problems. I have the same problems you have... the jerking, pulling to the side and the hard shifting (especially after I've used the 2-wheel drive or the 4-wheel drive mode). Every time I take it in the service technicians tell me that there is nothing wrong. It makes me wonder what they consider to be "bad" because it sure feels like someone is ramming into the back of my jeep at about 5-10 miles an hour every time I shift.

It also pulls to the right. I have taken the jeep in for that problem 2 separate times and took it to a tire dealership and had it evaluated. I had the technician do an alignment, but that didn't help so he didn't charge me. Go figure!

Let me know what happened with your transmission. I'd love to know if your problems were fixed, and how?


2002 Jeep Liberty Sport 1.7 from North America


Its a good car, nothing more nothing less


Nothing has gone wrong with the car. I did get a letter in the mail asking for a recall, but have not done that yet. Gas mileage is really not that great. I love my Jeep though.

General Comments:

I like how it accelerates when you ask it to. I tell you what, this car could have come with a little more features... no Anti lock breaks? C'mon! cassette player on a 2002? who listen to those anymore? cute looks make up for some of that, but not all.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2002

8th Jan 2003, 20:56

You should have purchased one with more options! At least now you have more money to buy a lift kit and bigger tires.

14th Oct 2003, 06:07

How did you get a 1.7L engine in your jeep? My options were 3.1 and 3.6. I went with the 3.6 (Very good choice)

2002 Jeep Liberty Limited 3.7? V6 from North America




The engine light is on.

General Comments:

I have had the vehicle for less than three weeks and while at a stop light my engine light came on. I cannot find anything visibly wrong, but I will be visiting my local dealership first thing in the morning.

Prior to this happening, I was extremely pleased with the vehicle.

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Review Date: 5th June, 2002

9th Oct 2002, 10:39

The check engine light is usually from not having a tight fuel cap or in the winter by spinning the tires and over revving the engine. Of course, it could be something serious, I would be curious to know the cause for the light coming on. This would lend more validity to the review. This is intended to be constructive criticism, and by no way condescending. Thank you for you time, Kevin.

17th Oct 2002, 12:42

I had this "Engine light on" thing with mine. Turned out to be the catalytic converter (the O2 sensor on it) was bad. They replaced the entire converter. So far so good.

31st Jan 2004, 20:05

I've never herd of over revving the engine making the engine light come on.

10th Oct 2014, 18:12

How was the Jeep running before converter was replaced?