2002 Jeep Liberty Sport from UK and Ireland


Great car, but go any where and do anything?


As I drove down a forest road, I got stuck in a mud pool.

To my surprise 3 of the 4 wheels turned bud did not have any grip, the fourth wheel (front right) had grip, but didn't turn at all.

Result: it dug in so deep that it went with it's belly on the floor and it took a monster of a 4x4 tractor to pull it free again.

Is this normal? I expected all four wheels to have power, it seems I have only 3 wheel drive when the going gets tough.

The more worrying thing is that my Liberty flooded within minutes although the underside of all four doors where above the water level, you can understand that I was shocked.

Is this normal? or did somebody at the factory forgot a plug somewhere?

General Comments:

I will bring my Liberty to the Dealer next week to check the bottom for leaks, but they are quite reluctant and told me I should contact my insurance company to deal with it.

In the meanwhile I spend 4 days drying the carpet and electrical connectors out, but it is still very damp. (by the way, the electrical connectors are fitted under the carpet, you would expect them a bit higher up in a 4x4 don't you)

Don't get me wrong here, I love my Liberty, that's why I'm shocked about what happened to my car.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2002

3rd Oct 2002, 06:08

It seems this is fairly typical Jeep dealer attitude. I have a Grand Cherokee, and met the same sort of BS when anything went wrong. He even went so far as to blame me for warping the brake discs through bad driving saying he had another customer who went through a pair every 10k miles?? Ludicrous, I have thrashed a small Nissan to death in Africa on and off road, with nary a problem with the brakes. Drive my jeep like my granny and the brake discs warp.

Funny though I have just received a recall notice for all Grand Cherokees of similar age to replace the brake discs (rotors) (some 500,000 vehicles in all).

Simply put: Jeeps are great, but don't expect it to be as reliable as a Toyota, and NEVER expect common decency from the dealers. Mine was a well known London dealer.

2002 Jeep Liberty Sport 3.7 V6 from North America


The SUV for the 21st century. Small Utility Vehicle!


Rattle in rear headliner. Turned out to be a poorly fastened part of the side curtain airbag assembly. Dealer repaired- has not reappeared.

Front differential overfilled at factory resulted in oil blown out of breather assembly. Dealer restored proper level and problem has not reappeared.

General Comments:

Other than the above two problems, which I consider minor, the vehicle is all that I could hope for.

Around town ride, handling, steering are first rate. Brakes could be stronger though they have good feedback and modulation.

Highway ride, as opposed to around town, is a bit choppy. But this is expected with a short wheelbase vehicle. I would not want to cover 20,000 highway miles a year in this vehicle.

Engine is strong with wonderful low end response. Not too strong on the top end, but low end is better for a vehicle of this type.

Auto transmission is smooth shifting and responsive. Floor the gas pedal and the trans downshifts rapidly and you are off in a hurry!

The vehicle has a solid, made of a well constructed chunk of steel kind of feel to it. It is heavy, about 4100 lbs, and this is the cause of the mediocre gas mileage. Not an economy car by any means.

Overall- I am a happy owner. It is large enough for me and my needs. It is comfortable for short to medium length trips, air conditioning will freeze you in the summer, the heater will cause a heatwave in the winter! Most of all it is fun to drive!

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Review Date: 16th August, 2002

14th Jan 2004, 12:10

What's the point of having a small SUV if the gas mileage isn't any better than a big one. We bought a liberty to replace our 2000 Tahoe (4door 350 v8) that vehicle actually got better mpg than our Liberty even though it had over 100K miles on it. Jeep needs to get better mpg to justify the smaller size. Ed.