10th Nov 2002, 21:38

Unless you have a limited slip rear differential or lockable front and/or rear differentials, you don't really have four wheel drive. With an open differential, all torque goes to the wheel that has the least resistance. If one wheel is in the mud and one wheel has grip, an open differential will send all the torque to the wheel in the mud, as you experienced.

If you want true four wheel drive, make sure you buy a Jeep with at least a limited slip rear differential.

13th Nov 2002, 03:51

I was told that the Liberty has a limited slip rear differential, but maybe I had to fool it by using the hand break.

16th Nov 2002, 06:33


Still waiting for Jeep UK to check my car (3 months now), after two phone calls and a letter they replied that they will check my car for leaks within 3 weeks and that was 16 days ago.

Changed dealer for the first service and already thinking of buying an other brand in two years time.

It is a pity because I like this car a lot, it is only the non service I get from the dealer and Jeep UK that will force me to buy an other brand next time.

5th Dec 2002, 05:37


Good news, the dealer and Jeep UK offered there apologies for what had happened to me and told me they where sorry my case was handled improperly.

They will need my Cherokee (Liberty) for a couple of days to find the leak and offered me a free service.

They also told me that this should not have happened to a Jeep as they are build for it and my situation (Leak) is unique and they never heard of it before.

8th Feb 2003, 11:33


I wrote a letter to Jeep UK again in the beginning of January, two weeks later I got a call from the Area After Sales Manager, who was again very upset about my experience with my dealer.

He promised to get my car sorted out at an other dealer (150 miles away) and he would contact me as soon things where sorted out.

Today is February the 8th and I'm still waiting.

This is going on since September 2002 and although I still like the car a lot, I'm getting a bit tired and frustrated.

10th Apr 2003, 05:55


Jeep invited me to an off-road track to show me that the Liberty is capable of going off-road and to proof if it leaked again.

I can tell you that the Liberty is worth the Jeep name in every aspect and yes it leaked again.

According to Jeep this is an exceptional case and they have never seen a Liberty leak before so they offered me a new car.

They also showed me a Jeep dealer who cares about his cutomers and I will take my business there in the future (only 350 miles away!?).

So in the end everything went alright (not due to the dealer who sold me the car) and I'm waiting to take delivery of my new dry Liberty.