19th Aug 2010, 23:14

I own a 2002 Jeep Liberty Limited currently with 19100 miles. Have been changing the oil every 10 K miles with synthetic. The vehicle has been to Texas and Canada several times from Florida without any real complaints. The alternator and radiator have been replaced/changed. That's all.

My wife and I love this vehicle, and hope to pick up either a 2006-07 in the next 4-6 months. We haven't had any electrical problems either. Sorry for those complaints.

I also owned a 1997 Wrangler with 160000 miles with little complaints. I hear it's still going strong. :)

14th Sep 2010, 10:43

I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty Limited Edition. I bought it in March of 2010 and have nothing but problems since I got it.

It was in beautiful condition and at first seemed like a great deal. Within the first month I found out that the radiator was cracked. There were loads of leaks not only in the radiator but also pouring into the coolant tank. Big no no by the way. I had it fixed, no more problems with that.

The rear gate had a bolt missing when sold to me and they wanted an arm and a leg to fix it. They said something about labor because of putting the paneling back on. Then my heat and air went out. And that was all in the first two months.

Now the right rear window just went down into the window while I was driving. I have heard of many people having this problem and there has been no recall! When I called to ask if there was a recall on the regulator, I was told no, but there is a recall with the ball joints. I couldn't believe it, how was I not notified by the company or the dealership is beyond me!

26th Apr 2011, 10:50

My 2002 Liberty Limited just runs great, and she has almost 240 000km on her. People with transmission problems should elaborate more here about their driving habits. The only big fixes I had on the Jeep was a wheel bearing, the magneto for the AC, and the coil springs. Otherwise, it's great, and best of all: it still has NO RUST!

24th Feb 2016, 01:11

Check your rear emergency brake cable for rubbing through your wires on the speed sensor.