1st Jul 2004, 09:58

Hello... I originally started this thread with the initial report on my Liberty.

Since last fall, I have only heard one little peep out of the brakes, even though I still use the liberty every day. Since last year, though, I now back into my driveway when returning (as opposed to driving straight in), so that when I take off in the morning there is no initial backing up. I kind of doubt that has anything to do with the squeaky brakes. For one thing, the brakes squeaked the worst when the dealer kept it overnight (to follow up on the sound). He had it backed into a parking place prior to my picking it up. But when I drove it away (front facing out), you could have heard the brakes squealing all over the lot...And, this was after he had already replaced a couple of rotors and the pads...I guess I'm now afraid to try to see if I can get the squeak to come back. So I think I'll continue to back in. Geez... Whatever it takes not to keep that racket from coming back...Funny..It never really squeaked while it was damp outside (contrary to what I read here). The worst it has ever been is first thing in the morning on the warmest, dryest days of summer.

...There is one odd thing that occured last winter, though: Both the sensors failed on my ABS, causing this system to become inopperative on slippery surfaces. The service man said he never heard of both sensors failing. I asked him if his repairing of this system could have something to do with the absence of the squeaky brakes?...He said no...Yet, since that time, I haven't heard even the slightest moan from the vehicle...And let me tell you... It was bad!! --And every day, too!!

On a side note to a different problem.. I also notice if I make a fairly sharp, slow turn on the ashphalt, the front tires skid around even if there is only the slightest bit of gravel on the pavement. I've never had this happen with any other vehicle...Even turning in the same location...Jon.

3rd Dec 2004, 19:40

So guys, how do you deal with these damn breaks?

I purchased my Lib 2004 2 months ago and that grinding sound have come.

Have just come from service - they changed the front pads, but when I picked up the Lib I heard that sound again - right near the part-n-service dept.

So is there any idea about how to fix that? Is it really related to ABS?


31st Dec 2004, 06:35

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24th Feb 2006, 20:24

Hello... I am the one who started this thread on my Jeep Liberty 2003...This is the last post I will make on this piece of crap...The engine still idles rough...The brakes have never been fully fixed...All the chrome plated lettering has peeled, including the ones that were replaced...Some of the paint on he front has peeled off in slabs (IE: it doesn't bond well to the under coat...And finally... I've noticed a number of rust spots showing up in the paint, even though I'm away from the ocean, and the vehicle is washed fairly frequently.

... Perhaps I was unlucky and am stuck with a lemon, but the dealership will not help at all...In fact, the last couple of times I've had a service, they won't even do a follow-up, 'cause they know they haven't fixed the initial problems...I say this is my last post, as I can't trade the vehicle in fast enough. I'll never deal with Jeep or Chrysler again.

16th Apr 2008, 10:48

Hello... I'm the one who started this thread...

In my latest post (Feb. 2006), I said it would be my last, but I've got one more entry to make.

In Sept. of 2006, I buffed out as many of the rust spots as I could find...I had the hood lettering replaced (which the dealer ended up putting on crooked, anyways)...I touched up the slab of paint that peeled off the grill... Then I took it to the Toyota dealarship to trade it in on a new FJ Cruiser...I held my breath when he took it for a test drive...Just hoping the intermittent trans. delay I had experienced in the past, wouldn't decide to show itself.

At any rate, I ended up driving home in my brand new Cruiser. Two weeks later, I went to the local Post Office, and guess what I saw parked out front?

...Anyways, to put an end to this story. ....A few weeks later I was talking to the Post Master about this vehicle, and she told me that the person who had bought it, rolled it over, and it was totalled.

...Chalk up one good point for Jeep: the driver was not hurt.

..Anyways the vehicle was finally put out of its misery, and so ends the story..

...It is a shame. The manufacturers push all these things like there rust protection warranty, and how they and their dealars will do whatever it takes to keep the customers happy. ...It's all BS.

If you check out this site and you see reports where a third or more state that they will not buy another vehicle from a particular manufacturer, then there's a reason for them posting that. ...Be smart: don't fall into the same trap. Check out another manufacturer.