22nd Jul 2004, 09:58

The wheel coming off because of the ball-joint failure is extremely rare, and can only happen at very low speeds with the wheel fully turned. The recall was out since December last year.

The Libby has less ground clearance than the old Cherry, but although you will hit more stuff when off-roading (the skid plates are there for a reason), it is as capable off-road as a stock Cherry.

Lift the Libby and fit some BF Goodrich tires, and nothing can stop you.

13th Nov 2004, 14:30

Has anyone out there has any transmission problems with the 2004 Liberty. My dealership say that they cannot find a problem and my problem is the first transmission problem that they have heard of with the with the liberty.

If anyone has any information or suggestions on how to proceed, please drop me a line.

My email address is mrjstarr@msn.com Thanks.

26th Apr 2005, 19:54

I have a jeep liberty 2004 with 4500 miles on it and too have a transmission problem. When I stop at a stop sign for a minute to check traffic and then proceed, the transmission slips and then jerks into gear. Also when I travel a short distance in reverse and then go forward the transmission hesitates from several seconds to about a minute before moving forward. The dealer and factory rep say that is normal for jeep liberty's. I never had this problem with my PT Cruiser or Chevy truck.

19th Nov 2006, 10:24

I have the same problems with my 2004 Liberty as the April comment. (rough down shift sometimes and slips after backing sometimes). Took it to the dealer while it was still under warranty and was told the same thing.. "we couldn't find anything wrong with it" It's out of warranty now, so I will drive the crap out of it until the transmission falls out.. one note, it does seem to do better when you drive it hard and rough.

9th Jul 2007, 21:19

I purchased a 2004 Jeep Liberty Limited. So far the back hatch has continued to creak and pop, there is a vibration under the front end... if I have to cut the wheel short left or right, it makes a horrible squealing sound...

The transmission also hesitates, and does not go into gear after stopping for a short time... the techs at the car dealership have been nice, but not helpful... nothing has been fixed correctly...

I am sorry I purchased this vehicle, I was trying to buy american again after 20 years, and was of course very disappointed... I am thinking of going Toyota again.

18th Sep 2007, 15:29

I also had transmission problems with my 2004 Liberty... They started at approx 12k with the vehicle not engaging in 4WD and ended with the transmission slipping and stalling. The dealer and Jeep refused to repair this vehicle because they claimed it had been "rock crawled", which is not true although my wife does drive up a steep dirt road to reach our home. They also told me that they would not cover two burned out taillights as I may have driven through a mud puddle and shorted them out (with my "Trail Rated" Jeep). I could not find anybody at Daimler/Jeep who would give their last names... Plausible deniability??... In short DO NOT BUY JEEP... they do not stand behind their products... I paid a private firm $2500.00 to repair my vehicle...

24th Nov 2007, 15:24

I have a 2004 Jeep Liberty. The wheel also came off as a result of the ball joint, prior to the recall and the wheel was not turned at all. At 64,000 the engine needs to be replaced as a result of "starving for oil." If you have a Liberty or are planning to purchase one, get the oil changed every 3000 miles and keep your receipts! Anybody else needing their engine replaced yet? I know only of one besides mine.

6th May 2008, 07:10

1 have a 2004 Liberty and the 'transmission' slip is your rear differential spline. This needs to be re-lubed preferably with Lucas Red Lube.