28th Aug 2005, 10:45

It's OK to joke because the owner is alive and well enough apparently to write in and grovel.

5th Mar 2006, 06:55

Reviews like that really makes you think twice before buying a Jeep Liberty.. Though I have to say that the car looks great (in my opinion looks better than the LR3),and people inside it seem to have a great time..

Does anyone know of any Chinese manufactured Libertys? I live in Egypt and ppl say that Liberty's in Egypt are made in China! can anyone confirm that?

If the American Liberty's have such problems then I wouldn't want to be in a Chinese one!..

19th Feb 2007, 07:06


In response to your comment, I just purchased a 2003 Jeep Liberty, and went to carfax.com. It told me there was a safety recall on the lower ball joints, where water could enter, corrode and separate, causing a loss of steering control, and cause a crash without warning. Safety recall F23. Go to jeep.com and find out more info for the years 2002-2006.

21st Jan 2009, 08:44

No steering, no airbags, could be that your engine stalled, this will take out the steering, brakes and airbags in an instant.

There are issues with Jeeps stalling and there are already recalls for the Commander and Wrangler.

My KJ had a stalling problem and a web search found that I'm not the only one.

24th Feb 2009, 06:23

Possible cause is a leaky power steering pump draining the system of fluid. It just happened to me this morning. I've an 04' liberty. That's why I'm on this site. Chrysler apparently does not know how to engineer a p.s. pump as I had same issue with my 03' Dodge Ram 2500.

28th Feb 2009, 10:08

I have a 2004 Liberty and was told my power steering line is "seeping" and slowly leaking fluid. I was then told it was a 3 month wait from Jeep for this part. Hmmmm... lots of people having this problem???

12th Mar 2009, 14:05

I had my 2004 Jeep Liberty in for service, and the dealership said it had a leaking power steering hose. They did not say it was for the reservoir or the return. They dealership said early March for the part, now they say March 27th.

In the mean time, they just tell me to keep the power steering fluid topped off.

I don't know how easy it is to repair this hose, otherwise I'd do it myself. Looks like it's a $12.00 part.

17th Mar 2009, 21:59

I also have a 2004 Liberty with a seeping power steering line and was told there are 3,000 people waiting for the part.

20th Mar 2009, 19:16

Hey, here's some late breaking news. I'm a mechanic with a customer with a Liberty leaking power steering fluid from the pressure hose. The leak is at the fitting where it goes into the pump. It appears that the pressure from the pump is overpowering the o-ring in this fitting. Unfortunately the leak went unnoticed until the system went dry. The customer then topped the system off with the wrong type of fluid, regular power steering fluid instead of ATF type 4. Which resulted in damage to the rack, and pump. The rack, pump and o-ring have been replaced, the o-ring 3 times. But the fitting still leaks. ARRRRRRRRRRRG!

12th Aug 2009, 14:08

I also have an 04 Jeep Liberty. I have it in for a recall repair for a different issue and they just informed me of the power steering leak. They quoted me $950 to replace - no, that's not $95 - it's really $950. I just had it in for an oil change a week ago - no leak then. Appears I have some sort of a spontaneous leak.

22nd Aug 2010, 00:26

Four months ago, I took my 2004 Jeep Liberty into the dealer because the rear driver-side window raising/lowering mechanism stopped working. Chrysler paid for this, as it is a known problem, although there was no recall.

When I picked up the car, I was told that it has been leaking power steering fluid, which could apparently be seen sprayed around the radiator. No suggestion on how to proceed was offered, nor was any explanation given for what was causing the problem. I figured if the dealership wasn't that concerned, I shouldn't be, either. I've looked at the car several times since, but I can't see anything leaking.

This car has already been through the front ball joint recall (near failure), the flipper gate latch recall (failed), and now the check engine light comes on for about a week at a time, then goes off for a month. I'm worried about what's coming next. I just paid $700+ for new tires. I can't afford another repair.

21st Dec 2010, 19:37

I am having the power steering leaking issue. Why have they not recalled the vehicle for this also? I am contacting the Better Business Bureau and the Jeep/Chrysler company to inquire about this matter. Please join me in doing the same. If enough of us complain about the issue, something will be done. I cannot afford another vehicle - nor do I want to get in more debt. Who knows what will be wrong with the next vehicle. PLEASE contact everyone you can think of until this issue is on the recall list.


23rd Dec 2010, 19:00

Go to safercar.gov to file a complaint - PLEASE.