19th Dec 2012, 15:08

Update! Piece of sh...! Major problems at 70,000 miles. I will never buy another Jeep again. Everything from the engine, trans to suspension has failed. No joke!

20th Dec 2012, 07:19

I remember when these "cute because they look like a bug" Patriots came out, and I was skeptical. On a Sunday morning at the car lot, I overheard a hillbilly looking at buying one of these Patriots, commenting to his mom how ugly my Ramcharger was. I thought yes, that's fine, go ahead and buy one of those POS's and you'll be paid back in full for that comment.

The company I work for bought these Patriots as fleet vehicles, and they are widely regarded as junk. I've ridden in a few, and the ride is horrible on pavement and on dirt roads. The awful ride is not even compensated for by any off-road ability. Everybody who was assigned one has said how it was always in the shop for something, or needing to have leaky windshields replaced. Yes, they were junk, and I hope those insulting hillbillies got the punishment they deserved by owning one.

20th Dec 2012, 14:56

Just wondering what constitutes a "hillbilly" to you?

That's pretty demeaning, just because they prefer a different model vehicle than you, isn't it?

After all, if we all drove Ram Chargers, there wouldn't be much parking or gasoline for us all would there?

Now y'all excuse me while I git back to tending to my pigs and playing my jug.

20th Dec 2012, 16:52

There is no doubt that Chrysler corp has had major lemons and problem cars. So buying a used Chrysler product could be risky. But there is hope... there is a new person in charge there, and if he can't turn that company around... nobody can.

Already there has been a steady increase in sales. A new Viper, a new Dodge Dart, and an upgraded Charger and many improvements to other cars/SUVs/trucks. But the sleeper of the bunch is the bare bones Ram 1500 Express with the 396 HP 407 torque monster... a definite throwback to the 60s and early 70s. It would be a bargain when Chrysler has its year in sale week. With only 14-20 MPG, it's probably not an everyday driver, and with no luxury on it, it's not for everyone, but if you have a need for speed, this is the one.

22nd Dec 2012, 15:45

Don't misunderstand. They weren't hillbillies because they preferred junk. They were hillbillies who happened to prefer junk.

"Hey, Maw! Look at muh new Patriot! The wheels fell off and it don't go nowhere, but at least the hound dogs got a place to sleep now!"

26th Dec 2017, 06:44

I have a Patriot and 4 inches of snow is no problem! Drive normal in those conditions and it's safe and zips right thru. I have confidence in my lil' truck; the seats suck and it's not fancy, but you get what you pay for.