5th Jun 2009, 13:17

June 5, 2009

A year later, had to have another oxygen sensor installed, had the drivers seat track replaced for safety reasons and they totally demolished the interior while doing it. Needless to say instead of removing the seat from the track they tried to take both out at the same time and gouged chunks out of the door, dash, side and lower panels. Cost them a lot to replace all those parts. Still not satisfied with the tranny and the rear passenger brake seems to have a problem on cool mornings. Will have that corrected before warranty runs out. Ah and our damn government requested I return the $1,000.00 fuel rebate they gave me because a 4x4 manual transmission 2.4 litre is rated at 8.5 and not the 8.4 to meet their criteria. Probably had some fat government employee out test driving that day, they should know it cost more to move a fat a...s.

Still not sure if I'd ever buy another one but by the time I'm ready for that there may not be a Jeep/Chrysler dealer, we'll all be driving Ford or imports.

16th Oct 2009, 15:23

Just a question to all you Canadians out there that have applied for the ECO rebate offered to purchasers of Jeep Patriot and Compass with 2.0 and (2.4 manaul transmission). How many of you have been requested to return the rebate cheque for the 2.4l 4x4 manual transmission with the excuse that it is rated at 8.5 litres instead of 8.4, which seems to have appeared on the website only after the rebate program was canceled. I am truly interested in hearing from you.

4th Dec 2009, 14:52

Let me get this straight - The Canadian government cuts you a rebate check and then asks for it back? I thought we had a monopoly on idiot bureaucrats here in the US!

14th May 2011, 19:57

Actually no, our government has more than their share of moments too.. believe me...