1993 Jeep Wrangler YJ 2.5 liter from North America


All around, having SUVs, the Jeep Wrangler by far wins a 7 on the scale


Throwout bearing went out, valve cover gasket had a small leak, but it was a fast fix. Other than that, no troubles.

General Comments:

OK for starters, parts wear out. especially if it's used.

I bought a '93 Wrangler with 170k on it from the original owner on its new day. All that was replaced were the normal; brake pads, U-joints, oil changes and clutch.

The rear output shaft seal went out on him at around 120k. Other than that, the use and abuse he put it through was amazing. It came outta Salt Lake City, and they know how to off road and rock crawl in that state.

Everyone I have talked to about Jeeps, no matter the year, I have heard nothing but good. Even with my Jeep, it seems like it's the original OEM parts that go out on it. But comparing mile + abuse + the driver's knowledge of just how far to push their vehicle and themselves; Jeeps are next to Toyota trucks, and long lasting.

When a part goes out, it's usually the "major" parts that cost an arm and leg to fix, and time into fixing them, but for what a Jeep can give you back, I or other Jeep owners wouldn't have it any other way.

Speaking of Jeep, just look at them... clear back to Willies Jeep before Chrysler took over; they stuck with what works!!! Simple, easy, tough and never changed much from the first. Just larger, safer and better all around. Same with Dodge Plymouth and all Chrysler models; they stick with what works. Cummins, an inline 6 cylinder, not much for horse power, but I wouldn't choose any other truck to tow or pull with. Same with Jeep; the 2.5 liter inline 4 and their inline 6; you're not getting a speed machine or the best mileage per say, but the torque you get can't be beat.

All in all, Cummins, AMC 4 or 6, or even the slant 6, power to torque ratio, it's pretty good mileage, and LONGER lasting, cause there ain't the friction of the 45 degree angle piston push, or the strain on the crank to put that power out.

As far as the ride in a Wrangler goes; you're up the stink creek without a paddle on that. Not too many ways of really getting around the design for off roading, that's just how it's made. Ford or Chevy might make your better bet for smooth riding.

All in all, Jeeps are for Jeep people. More give and take between the Jeep and its owner, but being raised with Dodge, Chrysler, family and driving all other makes out there, I would say from trial and error, "Chrysler" products are far more superb than the rest laying aside Toyota trucks and the other "Japanese" made vehicles.

What can I say, Mopar and AMC are the way to go.

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Review Date: 4th October, 2009

5th Oct 2009, 07:56

I think that you are half right. AMC is the way to go.

Chrysler did nothing but water-down Jeep.

5th Oct 2009, 21:28

You're right on my post, Chrysler did water down the Jeep, but for being Chrysler stamped and sister company to Dodge, they make pretty good buggies all in all. Some have their down falls, but for Jeeps being what they are nowadays, it still stands how well built and simple they are in a very complex and cheap world we live in nowadays, but thanks for the comment.

6th Oct 2009, 13:24

Well your YJ is an AMC design, and I find the YJs more reliable than the Chrysler designed TJs & JKs.

26th Oct 2009, 22:24

I feel you there, the JK is a fine looking ride, but money on the table and hands down the YJ takes it on dependability and all around design. I can tell just by lifting the hood on the two, that the YJ was better designed for the offroad life. The newer Jeeps are getting washed down by city folks who think they have an idea what a offroad vehicle should be, but wouldn't have the guts to take it where others just start having fun LOL.

1993 Jeep Wrangler Base 4.0 straight 6 from North America


The ultimate go anywhere machine


Had to replace the head gasket at 196,000. Seriously impressed.

Manifold busted at 206,000. Took 126 dollars and a day to replace.

Gas gauge shorted out (previous owner messed with wiring and left open connections hanging).

Windshield cracked, sneaky tree branches.

Alternator replaced at 150,000.

Oil pressure gauge seems to bounce around a lot.

Rear bumper is rusted and slightly bent.

General Comments:

This Jeep has sustained 5 years of no maintenance and abuse from the guy I bought it from; my room mate.

Very light weight; slips a lot on ice, but that's why you buy sand bags, and it's ice, what doesn't slip?

Have driven my jeep through everything and into everything, and it holds true, and I have yet to get it stuck.

Holds up great in accidents. Proven in 2005 when my room mate backed it into my little Honda, bent the Jeep bumper just a little and tore the side of my Honda off.

It's a bumpy ride, but that's the joy of Jeeps.

Highway driving is superb, it handles great all the way to 94 mph; not sure about over that. Lots of power and great handling.

Honestly I see myself never getting rid of my Jeep.

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Review Date: 31st December, 2007