1997 Jeep Wrangler 4 cylinder from North America


Piece of junk


What's gone wrong, the question should be what hasn't? This piece of junk has spent more time in the repair bay than on the road.

The third month I had it the catalytic converter went (warranty), then the seats, then the manifold, then I started losing power. This was all under warranty and about the first six months.

Then all hell broke loose:

The radiator went three times.

The manifold went again.

The oil pressure sending units went 3 times.

The 4wd drive wouldn't engage right.

The fan clutch.

The water pump.

The temp gone twice.

Then the housing unit went.

The list goes on and on.

I bought the car because I always wanted one, now it's my worst nightmare. Every 6 months it costs me between 600 to a grand and the dealer always tells me the same old story "these things just happen". Rubbish, this is the biggest piece of crap I've ever owned. I've had 4 techs. tell me to dump it, the car is that bad.

I work at a dealer now and tell everyone who asks what I think of Jeep.

General Comments:


If you want a Jeep, go and buy a model kit, it will last longer.

I'm trading it in and I'm glad to be rid of this piece of crap.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2001

19th Apr 2001, 14:25

You have 4 cylinder Jeep, what do you expect, you pay cheap, you get cheap. What you should do is save your pennies and get a Sport or Sahara, something with a real motor in it. The Jeep is the only vehicle from Chrysler that usually doesn't have problems. I own a Sport and it is a terrific vehicle, you just got a lemon.

1997 Jeep Wrangler Sahara V6 from North America


I got my Jeep Wrangler in 97. I had no problems with it till 2000 - at the 12,000 mile mark my jeep began to have an electrical problem. The radio would sputter on and off. There after the dash began to be afflicted with the same problem. For example, sometimes the dash meter reading for oil would read zero then normal then zero.

My battery then was drained of current. Recharging the battery, I could not get my interior light to go off using the control switch. I took my Jeep to the dealer and I don't know how long it will take them to fix it, but as I can see here there are other postings with regard to the Jeep Wrangler electrical system. I wonder if there is a general recall on this problem?

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Review Date: 29th November, 2000

23rd Dec 2000, 17:06

It is not a V6, it is an inline 6. The very same inline 6 that has ran trouble free for 5 decades. As for the electrical system, I had a 91 wrangler for 10 years, and used it as a partial submarine and never had an electrical problem.

17th Jan 2001, 13:40

I think (you with the submarine) IS being payed by Chrysler to comment on your INLINE 6. Somebody must come and fix it for you at night while you're sleeping.

1997 Jeep Wrangler from North America


Bad news


The first week the paint bubbled. They had to repaint the entire vehicle.

It didn't seem to have much power so I asked them to check it out. They said there wasn't any problems with the power.

Before it had 10,000 miles the electrical system went out but the dash lights stayed on. It took a month to fix the problem.

I asked again about the power - it seemed to lose power. They said it was fine.

I started having obvious problems with the power and the dash had a leak. They again said power was OK and they fixed the leak.

I was stalling out while going 50 mph as though there wasn't any gas. I returned and they said it seemed OK to them.

Several times I returned. I broke down in another location and had the Jeep towed to a local dealer. They fixed it and I left. I went to the original dealer and showed them the paper work.

Again the vehicle was losing power, I went back to the dealer and they said nothing was wrong. I went back several times and finally got a response - they hooked up a electrical device so they could read a chart to identify the problem. I returned and they said it wasn't severe enough for them to find what it was. They had me leave it for the day. I picked it up and they said they didn't find anything wrong. It broke down that evening going to work. They towed it back to the original dealer. The following weekend I traded it back to them and got a used Stratus. I will never go back to this dealer nor will my family.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2000

16th Sep 2003, 06:03

Sounds like you had a bad dealer, not a bad car. Sorry to hear about your experience.

17th Jun 2011, 16:30

Sounds like you had a bad car and a dumb dealer!