1998 Jeep Wrangler SE 2.5 from North America


It left the dealership, but it never missed a chance to go back for a visit


Catalytic converter replaced four times over the life of the vehicle. Blockage of exhaust particles in converter causes all too frequent replacement of spark plugs. Many of you can cure your acceleration sputters by changing your plugs. They get gummed up because Chrysler screwed up the converter. I use Splitfire now, they run hotter and keep gunk from building up.

Dash console had a short, causing the speedometer and tachometer to fall to zero. Replaced once under recall two years ago; problem recurred last winter during extreme cold.

There has always been a heavy rattle from the engine (possibly the mountings)? during slow acceleration from a stop. Two dealerships cannot/will not identify.

General Comments:

I take very good care of my cars. I use the best products, and follow a maintenance schedule that is more comprehensive and better than the prescribed care. This vehicle has taken me from Ohio to Florida twice, and it's a daily driver on my 60 mile round trip commute to work.

You can't beat the fun. They are not built for luxury, speed, or handling. They are in a whole other realm of fun. Top down, lots of stares, and outdoor freedom. Test drive them several times before you buy.

I did not follow my own advice when I bought the second model year of a new model car. I will NEVER buy a first or second year of any model vehicle again. Manufacturers reinvent the wheel every time they make a new vehicle, and they screw them up every time.

There is NO EXCUSE for FOUR catalytic converters or a dash board that fails in this age. Are you listening Chrysler? You wouldn't listen at the dealership, and you had your chance.

I will probably always have a Wrangler, but my next purchase will be a Mitsubishi Montero. That thing has won Paris to Dakar FIVE YEARS STRAIGHT. In the future I will reward the companies who are smart enough to incorporate best design practices. How dare American car companies refuse to use proven engineering and then try to shame me into buying American. Figure it out, Detroit!

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Review Date: 18th May, 2003

11th Sep 2003, 15:50

I have experienced the exact same problems: the catalytic converter and the dash instruments. I am disappointed I own a poor product.

28th Nov 2004, 05:44

I now have 42K miles and have also experienced instrument cluster failure, intermittent of course. Slapping the dash hard fixes temporarily. Is this a recall issue? Other than replacing shocks and a new radiator/serpentine belt this Jeep is exactly what I thought it would be, great looks and a cool ride.

30th Dec 2007, 00:36

I have a 98 wrangler and chicks love every mile outta the 112,000 I got on it.

1998 Jeep Wrangler SE from North America


Fun if you don't mind all the repairs


The instrument panel stops working periodically (along with the air bags). I had this fixed by the dealer within 3 months of purchase. It is not working yet again, and they want over $200 to fix it. Sounds more like a defect to me from what I have heard from others.

All grease boots leaked and had to be replaced by dealer.

Exhaust studs had to be replaced by dealer (they were actually recalled).

Dealer (Rancho Jeep - San Diego, CA) could care less about problems with the vehicle - "They all do that."

Very difficult to get a service appointment with the dealer. If you can reach the service department on the phone, they will set an appointment for you that won't exist when you arrive. Very disorganized.

This car is extremely noisy on the highway. Don't count on being able to have a conversation with anyone. Get a good, loud stereo.

Despite brand new shocks, the ride isn't as bumpy as it is jolting. I have had occasions where I was sure my spleen was going to shoot through my nose.

General Comments:

Buy a Wrangler for what it is designed for, and other than all the repairs you will have to make, you will really enjoy it. It's a great 2nd vehicle.

I love putting the top down. It took a couple years, but now I'm a pro at it. The kids absolutely love riding in the Jeep.

All of my prior vehicles have been Toyota. While the dealerships aren't much better, the product is. Toyota, Toyota, Toyota. I will never ever buy another Chrysler (except maybe as a toy).

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Review Date: 9th April, 2003